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Huffington Post (Canada) | Aug 10, 2018
Joint Program study cited in Huffington Post (Canada) blog
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MIT News | Jul 31, 2018
One of the world’s most densely populated regions may push the boundaries of habitability by the end of this century, study finds
Jul 30, 2018
MIT Joint Program faculty affiliate Richard Schmalensee presents roadmap for decarbonization and climate stabilization
Nature | Jul 18, 2018
Applying carbon charges, not trade tariffs, to imports would bolster the Paris Agreement, argue Michael Mehling and colleagues. (Nature) [Coverage: Inside Climate News]
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Knowledge@Wharton | Jul 03, 2018
Joint Program faculty affiliate Valerie Karplus and experts at Duke and Wharton discuss her new study on environmental regulation compliance in China
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Joint Program faculty affiliate Noelle Selin: Health co-benefits could be an added incentive for individual countries to take action on climate. (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)  Radio Report

Australia is missing out on billions in short-term health savings that could come with tougher greenhouse emission targets, experts say.

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PolitiFact | Jun 18, 2018
Joint Program Co-Director John Reilly helps correct the record (PolitiFact)
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MIT News | Jun 13, 2018
Professor emeritus and former U.S. energy secretary reflects on recent meeting with Pope Francis and energy and finance leaders.
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MIT News | May 25, 2018
Joint Program-affiliated EAPS/CEE Prof. Dara Entekhabi and IDSS Research Scientist Sarah Fletcher are collaborators on one of seven projects to receive grants for research on food and water challenges.
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Science | May 11, 2018
MIT Joint Program faculty affiliate Noelle Selin authors a Policy Forum paper in the journal Science