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MIT News | Jan 10, 2017
At MIT, U.S. Secretary of State highlights peril of climate change, economic promise of clean energy
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J-WAFS | Jan 10, 2017
How Models Can Help Agriculture Adapt to Climate Change Uncertainties
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MIT News | Jan 09, 2017
Through warming effects, methane and other gases impact rising seas long after leaving the atmosphere
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MIT News | Jan 03, 2017
New technique predicts frequency of heavy precipitation with global warming

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Photo: Drax power station in England is the world’s largest consumer of industrial wood pellets. (Source: Kevin Blowe)
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Climate Central | Dec 20, 2016

Regulatory loophole allows wood energy to count as carbon neutral, when it’s often worse for the climate than burning coal. MIT Joint Program Co-Director John Reilly comments.

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BBC World Service | Dec 09, 2016

Donald Trump has chosen a climate change sceptic to head the US Environmental Protection Agency. MIT Joint Program Co-Director Emeritus Henry Jacoby comments on the policy implications in this BBC World Service radio clip.

Space Station view of the Chesapeake Bay (Source: NASA)
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New York Times | Dec 02, 2016

Despite the title of the article, the author cautions that the world remains imperiled by greenhouse gas emissions associated with climate change, citing the MIT Joint Program’s 2015 Energy and Climate Outlook.

World flags eave outside the UNFCCC COP22 conference venue in Marrakech, Morocco on Nov. 8 (Photo by Jennifer Perron/Climate CoLab)
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MIT News | Nov 30, 2016
MIT Climate CoLab presents innovative approach at UN international climate talks in Morocco

An MIT research initiative is harnessing the power of crowds and online collaborative tools in support of fulfilling global Paris Agreement climate goals.

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MIT Energy Initiative | Nov 22, 2016

PhD candidate Michael Davidson gathers information at COP22 for his research on renewable energy and climate change policies in China

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MIT News | Nov 22, 2016
At UN Climate Change Conference, MIT researchers share insights on implementing climate commitments