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MIT News | Feb 14, 2018
Trailblazing scientists Jule Charney and Edward Lorenz gave us numerical weather prediction and chaos theory, highlighting the value of basic research
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MIT News | Feb 13, 2018
An increase in corn and soybean production in the Midwest may have led to cooler, wetter summers there
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MIT News | Feb 02, 2018
Francis O’Sullivan and Christopher Knittel, co-directors of the MITEI Low-Carbon Energy Center for Electric Power Systems Research, are exploring cleaner, more reliable, and more cost-effective solutions
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MIT News | Jan 22, 2018
MIT Professor Kerry Emanuel explains the science behind climate change, as well as the associated risks and how to quantify them
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MIT News | Jan 22, 2018
Professor of atmospheric chemistry honored for her contributions to atmospheric science
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BBC World Service | Dec 27, 2017
MIT Joint Program Research Scientist Kenneth Strzepek shares expertise in BBC World Service Newsday interview, starting at 31:12
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MIT News | Dec 27, 2017
Research shows the Clean Air Act was likely responsible for a dramatic decline in atmospheric organic aerosol
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Energy Futures | Dec 21, 2017
MIT Energy Futures: Why including non-carbon options is key

An analysis by MIT researchers shows that when electric power companies are planning to invest in new generating facilities but face the possibility of future limits on carbon emissions, they can reduce their long-term economic risk by having at least 20% of the new generation come from non-...

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Grist | Dec 21, 2017
Grist commentary cites Joint Program research assistant Emil Dimantchev's analysis of China's new carbon emissions trading system (Additional Coverage:
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MIT News | Dec 18, 2017
MIT researchers focus on empathy, transparency, and empowerment at this year's United Nations Climate Change Conference