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PolitiFact | Jun 18, 2018
Joint Program Co-Director John Reilly helps correct the record (PolitiFact)
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MIT News | Jun 13, 2018
Professor emeritus and former U.S. energy secretary reflects on recent meeting with Pope Francis and energy and finance leaders.
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MIT News | May 25, 2018
Joint Program-affiliated EAPS/CEE Prof. Dara Entekhabi and IDSS Research Scientist Sarah Fletcher are collaborators on one of seven projects to receive grants for research on food and water challenges.
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Science | May 11, 2018
MIT Joint Program faculty affiliate Noelle Selin authors a Policy Forum paper in the journal Science
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MIT News | May 04, 2018
International workshop proposes future directions for long-standing conflict
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CNN | May 03, 2018
Joint Program Senior Research Scientist Chien Wang awarded grant focused on the role of aerosols in the climate
The Conversation | May 03, 2018
Study by Joint Program-affiliated researchers highlights need for mercury emissions-control policy
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MIT News | Apr 18, 2018
Professor of mechanical engineering explains the importance of advancing internal combustion engines and offers his take on recent EPA rollbacks
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MIT News | Apr 11, 2018
Interactions among microorganisms account for nitrite accumulation just below the sunlit zone, with implications for oceanic carbon and nitrogen cycling
Nature Climate Change | Apr 05, 2018
If successful, China could lead the next generation of global carbon markets in developing and industrializing countries. A commentary in the journal Nature Climate Change co-authored by Sloan School of Management Asst. Prof. Valerie Karplus, faculty affiliate of the Joint Program