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Washington Post | Sep 22, 2023
The ozone layer’s effect on our lives may be more complicated than it seems (Washington Post)
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Washington Post | Sep 19, 2023
Overall, they're much less harmful than gasoline cars, says MIT Joint Program Deputy Director Sergey Paltsev (Washington Post)
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MIT News | Sep 15, 2023
The Clean Investment Monitor database, a new collaboration between MIT CEEPR and the Rhodium Group, shows $213 billion in clean technology and infrastructure investments in the last year (MIT News) (Coverage: New York Times)
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MIT Climate Portal | Sep 14, 2023
Today's battery electric vehicles are cheaper than hydrogen-powered ones, and they also need less new infrastructure (MIT Climate Portal)
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The New Times | Sep 13, 2023
Former MIT EAPS PhD student Jimmy Gasore developed Africa's only AGAGE atmospheric gases monitoring station (The New Times)
The Hill | Sep 12, 2023
Studies show an emerging divide between younger and older Republicans that could help shift the party's stance on climate policy (The Hill)
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Mongabay | Aug 09, 2023
MIT Joint Program Deputy Director Sergey Paltsev identifies opportunities to make EVs more sustainable (Mongabay)
Nature Sustainability | Aug 09, 2023
A study shows that while air quality gains from carbon policies are widespread, some regions could see pollution increases (Nature Sustainability)
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Live Science | Jul 17, 2023
In the hunt for minerals needed in electric car batteries, some companies are turning to the deep sea. But mining this ecosystem could threaten its very existence. (Live Science)
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The Economic Times | Jul 13, 2023
Ahead of COP28, the UAE's EV market is booming, bolstered by private investments, government initiatives, and partnerships with countries such as India (The Economic Times)