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University of Bristol | Apr 18, 2017
New study in PNAS co-authored by MIT Joint Program Co-Director Ronald Prinn pinpoints possible cause of a sudden, unexpected global rise in atmospheric methane in 2007
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Study showed long-lasting health, economic impacts of lead emissions from U.S. general aviation flights

Paper: Philip J. Wolfe, Amanda Giang, Akshay Ashok, Noelle E. Selin, and...

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AAAS | Apr 05, 2017
MIT Joint Program researcher helps bring scientific evidence into public decision-making
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New Yorker | Mar 30, 2017

The President’s latest executive order would scrap regulations critical to addressing climate change. But would it also, as he promises, put miners “back to work”? John Reilly and Noelle Selin comment on the latest developments.

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The Atlantic | Mar 24, 2017
Air quality in Beijing has a lot to do with snowstorms in Siberia. MIT EAPS/IDSS Associate Professor and Joint Program researcher Noelle Selin comments.
EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt
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PolitiFact | Mar 10, 2017
The fact that CO2 is a primary contributor to global warming is not in dispute among climate scientists, notes MIT Joint Program Executive Director for Research Anne Slinn in PolitiFact
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Inside Climate News | Mar 07, 2017
'This is not a view shared by us': After MIT professor emeritus Richard Lindzen writes letter urging Trump to withdraw from climate accord, faculty responds. Related coverage: Climate@MIT, Boston Globe
Solar engineer Joshua Stein works on one of several photovoltaic systems being evaluated for industry partners at Sandia National Laboratories in the U.S. Regional Test Centers program. Sandia won a three-year renewal of a Department of Energy contract to manage the RTCs, a network of five sites across the country where industry can assess the performance, reliability and economic viability of solar photovoltaic (PV) technologies. (Photo by Randy Montoya)
The Hill | Feb 27, 2017

"An innovative corporate America, along with the rest of the nation, can benefit from developing low-carbon technologies and other greenhouse gas-reducing options," says MIT Joint Program Co-Director John Reilly.

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E&E News: ClimateWire | Jan 23, 2017
MIT Joint Program Principal Research Scientist Erwan Monier comments