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MIT News | Apr 22, 2020
An Op-Ed from MIT President Rafael Reif on the 50th anniversary of the first Earth Day (Boston Globe)
Foreign Affairs | Apr 14, 2020
A commentary by Joint Program faculty affiliate Valerie Karplus (Foreign Affairs)
Around Campus
MIT News | Mar 17, 2020
Recovering and safely destroying the sources of these chemicals could speed ozone recovery and reduce climate change
Around Campus
CEEPR | Mar 05, 2020
Deep decarbonization of the northeastern U.S. and the role of Canadian hydropower (Coverage: Bloomberg, NPR Marketplace, CBC)
Around Campus
MIT News | Feb 27, 2020
Speakers at MIT climate symposium outline the steps needed to achieve global carbon neutrality by midcentury
In The News
New York Times | Feb 14, 2020
Residential and commercial emissions are now the leading cause of cross-state early deaths (New York Times) (More: CNN, Reuters, USA Today, Bloomberg, Boston Globe, Scientific American, USNWR, PopSci, Forbes)​
The Conversation | Feb 12, 2020
Joint Program researchers call for ongoing investigation of, stricter controls on U.S. cross-state air pollution (The Conversation) (Republished in Salon)
In The News
Washington Examiner | Jan 13, 2020
Commentary cites Joint Program Report highlighting the need for diverse energy resources to power the grid (Washington Examiner)
Around Campus
Climate change is a global threat, but solutions involve a superhuman level of sacrifice and awareness, says MIT Sloan’s Christopher Knittel
The Hill | Dec 21, 2019
In aftermath of COP25, MIT Joint Program Founding Co-Director Emeritus Henry Jacoby and co-authors call for heightened efforts to inform the public of what's at stake in the climate crisis (The Hill)