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National Geographic | Jul 19, 2021
If we’re to avoid extreme warming, all drilling for oil needs to stop now, experts say, but U.S. fossil fuel production is continuing.(National Geographic)
CNN | Jul 09, 2021
Commentary cites MIT Joint Program/Farm Journal Foundation report on how agriculture can help address climate change (CNN)
T&D World | Jun 09, 2021
While electrification of light-duty vehicles can contribute significantly to mitigating greenhouse gas emissions, a more comprehensive approach is needed to complete the job (T&D World)
Around Campus
MIT J-WAFS | Jun 08, 2021
Ten principal investigators from seven MIT departments and labs will receive up to $150,000 for two years, overhead-free, for innovative research on global food and water challenges
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Climate Now | Jun 08, 2021
PODCAST: The MIT Joint Program deputy director discusses climate projections and the tools he and his colleagues use to communicate projected outcomes to policymakers and the public (Climate Now)
The Hill | May 30, 2021
A commentary by Joint Program Director Ronald Prinn (The Hill)
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AgWired | May 21, 2021
Report co-author/ Joint Program Co-Director Emeritus John Reilly explained how agriculture has the greatest stake in climate change, but also the greatest ability to reduce emissions in a variety of ways (AgWired)
Around Campus
MIT School of Science | May 20, 2021
MIT professor describes her path to the Institute, her work on ozone depletion, and her insights on the state of climate policy
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MIT News | May 19, 2021
New results point to unexpected, illegal production of several CFCs in recent years
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MIT News | May 12, 2021
The Institute commits to net-zero emissions by 2026, charts course marshaling all of MIT’s capabilities toward decarbonization