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Washington Examiner | Jan 13, 2020
Commentary cites Joint Program Report highlighting the need for diverse energy resources to power the grid (Washington Examiner)
Around Campus
Climate change is a global threat, but solutions involve a superhuman level of sacrifice and awareness, says MIT Sloan’s Christopher Knittel
The Hill | Dec 21, 2019
In aftermath of COP25, MIT Joint Program Founding Co-Director Emeritus Henry Jacoby and co-authors call for heightened efforts to inform the public of what's at stake in the climate crisis (The Hill)
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MetroWest Daily News | Dec 19, 2019
Local infrastructure should be designed based on more recent storm data, says Joint Program Research Scientist Kenneth Strzepek (MetroWest Daily News)
pv magazine | Dec 12, 2019
MIT Joint Program Co-Director John Reilly highlights constraints on batteries in an intermittent renewable-dominated power sector (pv magazine)  (Additional coverage: pv magazine)
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InsideEPA | Dec 10, 2019
Joint Program Research Scientist Jennifer Morris explains findings from Mobility of the Future report (InsideEPA)
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Power Engineering | Dec 06, 2019
Keeping nuclear power vital may be the best way to reach aggressive carbon reduction targets while avoiding a steep carbon price (Power Engineering)
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Energy Futures | Dec 04, 2019
State-level adoption saves money and lives (Energy Futures)
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Energy Futures | Dec 04, 2019
Good news, some concerns (Energy Futures)
Utility Dive | Dec 02, 2019
Deep decarbonization requires nuclear, says Joint Program Co-Director John Reilly (Utility Dive)