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Scientific American | Jun 15, 2019
Even where the majority of the population favors climate action, carbon pricing is a tough sell, cautions MIT CEEPR Director Christopher Knittel (Scientific American)
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MIT News | Jun 07, 2019
Michael Bloomberg announces new Beyond Carbon initiative in his Commencement address
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Climate change is altering the color of our planet (International Shipping News)
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MIT News | May 23, 2019
For the 17th annual Kendall Lecture, Gretchen Daily analyzes species and ecosystem services and leverages natural capital to build a green financial system (Video)
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Technology Review | May 22, 2019
The apparent spike in CFC-11 production in China underscores the importance of ongoing emissions monitoring—and the limits of our current system (Technology Review) 
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PolitiFact | May 08, 2019
To get to yes, PolitiFact interviewed  MIT Joint Program Co-Director John Reilly and other experts on the subject
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MIT News | May 07, 2019
Results may help researchers interpret ancient monsoon variations, predict future activity in the face of climate change
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MIT News | May 02, 2019
TILclimate (Today I Learned: Climate) podcast demystifies the science, technology, and policy surrounding climate change in 10-minute bites
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MIT News | May 01, 2019
Inaugural event for MIT’s climate action groups showcases ways the Institute is reaching outside its walls to make new contributions on climate change
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WGBH | Apr 26, 2019
MIT Joint Program Co-Director John Reilly explains why solar panels reduce more emissions than trees (WGBH)