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MIT Open Documentary Lab | Dec 01, 2022
Inaugural WORLDING workshops matched world-class climate story teams with relevant labs and researchers across MIT (Open Documentary Lab)
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MIT Energy Inititiative | Nov 16, 2022
MIT Energy Initiative deputy director takes stock of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and the Inflation Reduction Act, and their potential impacts on the energy transition (MIT Energy Initiative)
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MIT Energy Inititiative | Nov 10, 2022
MIT Energy Initiative Annual Research Conference highlights both opportunities and obstacles in the race to a net-zero future (MIT Energy Initiative)
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Power Electronics News | Nov 06, 2022
Policymakers and manufacturers are working toward building new technologies to reduce the carbon footprint of cars (Power Electronics News)
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MIT News | Oct 11, 2022
Climate modeling shows that this summer’s devastating European heat wave may indeed be a harbinger of the future for that region (MIT News)
In The News | Oct 06, 2022
Report cites MIT Joint Program study projecting significant water-supply risks by 2050 (
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MIT News | Sep 28, 2022
New position paper calls for getting stakeholders involved in wind power projects from the start
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Climate Feedback | Sep 19, 2022
MIT Joint Program Deputy Director C. Adam Schlosser helps explain regional variations in warming (Climate Feedbacks)
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MIT News | Sep 13, 2022
The “Fast Forward” climate action plan laid out ambitious commitments. Now comes the harder part: making them happen (Related: 3Q on how MIT is working to reduce emissions on campus)
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National Observer | Sep 06, 2022
MIT Joint Program's John Reilly touts grasses as a more sustainable biofuel alternative than food crops (National Observer)