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The Hill | Sep 06, 2019
Ongoing U.S. disengagement from global climate action poses significant risks at home and abroad
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MIT News | Aug 22, 2019
When the Hajj comes in summertime, in some years it may not be safe for participants to remain outdoors
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Axios | Aug 20, 2019
CEEPR study makes extensive use of Joint Program's EPPA model (Axios) (Additional coverage: E&E News)
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Axios | Aug 13, 2019
Study shows that health savings exceed costs of maintaining or strengthening renewables policies (Axios) (Additional coverage: The Verge, CleanTechnica)
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Quartz | Aug 09, 2019
MIT Joint Program study explains why (Quartz) 
Beijing, China - Sun and smog in a hazy orange-brown sky.
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Scientific American | Jul 26, 2019
China’s move away from fossil fuels would mean 2,000 fewer premature deaths in the U.S. by 2030 (Scientific American)
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The Hill | Jul 19, 2019
MIT Joint Program Founding Co-Director Henry Jacoby and co-authors argue for fair, realistic, streamlined proposals (The Hill)
Akron Beacon Journal  | Jun 30, 2019
Joint Program research shows economic benefits exceed policy costs (Akron Beacon Journal)
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WBUR | Jun 21, 2019
NPR station cites Joint Program study that found that pricing carbon and returning the revenue from it to the public would reduce greenhouse gas emissions (WBUR)
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Associated Press | Jun 15, 2019
Climate change is already mobilizing mercury in the environment, says EAPS/IDSS Assoc. Prof. Noelle Selin (AP)