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MIT News | Apr 07, 2022
Faculty leaders highlight innovations that can close longstanding knowledge gaps and reimagine how the world responds to the climate crisis
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MIT News | Mar 28, 2022
Faculty leaders detail promising technologies, materials, and methods that could help unlock a low-carbon future in sectors where emissions are hardest to cut
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MIT News | Mar 07, 2022
The computer-vision technique behind these maps could help avoid contrail production, reducing aviation’s climate impact
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MIT News | Mar 05, 2022
Faculty leaders discuss the opportunities and obstacles in developing, scaling, and implementing their work rapidly
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MIT News | Mar 01, 2022
If wildfires become larger and more frequent, they might stall ozone recovery for years
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Inside Climate News | Feb 17, 2022
Long touted as a renewable fuel emitting 20 percent fewer greenhouse gases than gasoline, ethanol’s emissions may be 24 percent higher. If verified, one expert said the finding shows ethanol failed spectacularly. (Inside Climate News)
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Associated Press | Feb 07, 2022
MIT Joint Program Co-Director Emeritus John Reilly suggests some avenues for improvement (Associated Press, Washington Post)
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Institutional Investor | Feb 01, 2022
Wellington, Schroders and others are taking a more activist approach to managing their environmentally-sustainable funds (Institutional Investor) (Additional coverage: Pensions & Investments)
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United Nations | Jan 31, 2022
Study shows how a carbon tax can both accelerate reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and not hurt low-income households (United Nations)