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Washington Post | Jun 22, 2017
Washington Post: MIT Joint Program-affiliated EAPS Prof. Kerry Emanuel co-authors op-ed critiquing the EPA administrator's call for opposing teams to debate climate change science
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MIT News | Jun 22, 2017
Funding will establish MIT professorship and support low-carbon energy and climate initiatives
In The News | Jun 20, 2017 The 0.2 C figure “reflects only the incremental effect of Paris when built upon all the previous commitments made through the UNFCCC,” and “assumed no further strengthening of national commitments in years after 2030,” says MIT Joint Program Co-Director John Reilly. 
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Energy Futures: John Reilly and colleagues in the MIT Joint Program used a comprehensive set of linked models to demonstrate how dramatically the world’s energy system needs to change—within the next few decades—to prevent excessive global warming by 2100 
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New York Times | Jun 14, 2017
New York Times: MIT Joint Program-affiliated CEEPR Executive Director John Parsons comments
Washington Post | Jun 08, 2017
His administration cherry-picked my group's findings to help make their case.
Wall Street Journal | Jun 07, 2017
Joint Program co-directors to Wall St. Journal: Your editorial references our research to draw what we consider to be the exact wrong conclusion about the importance of the Paris Agreement to addressing climate change.

In a letter to The Wall Street Journal, Prof. Ron Prinn and John Reilly, co-directors of the Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change, explain why their research shows the...

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Additional Coverage: CNN (6:40 - 9:34), Politifact, Washington Post, Scientific American
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MIT News | Jun 05, 2017
A message to the MIT community from MIT President L. Rafael Reif
News Release
MIT News | Jun 02, 2017
Correcting the record on the US President's reference to MIT research