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MIT News | Oct 24, 2020
An online symposium explores roles for research universities and outlines the Institute’s efforts to be a testbed for research and policy innovations
Yale Climate Connections | Oct 23, 2020
Restoring its international standing on climate leadership is critical to the country's national interests and global stability (Yale Climate Connections)
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MIT News | Oct 13, 2020
The atmospheric chemist shared the Nobel Prize for the discovery that chemicals known as CFCs deplete the ozone layer



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The Independent | Oct 02, 2020
The US is the first country to formally withdraw from the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement (The Independent)
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MIT News | Oct 01, 2020
Study suggests sea ice blocks the flow of carbon both into and out of the ocean, in roughly equal measure
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PV Magazine | Sep 08, 2020
Taking Russia as an example, an MIT study has examined the likely impact on oil, gas and coal exports and the opportunities the energy transition could offer (PV Magazine)
Yale Climate Connections | Sep 08, 2020
Journalists, moderators and the public have an important opportunity to question the presidential and vice presidential candidates in the upcoming TV debates
Nature Communications | Aug 28, 2020
The Montreal Protocol has begun to heal the Antarctic ozone hole, but recent research shows that new unexpected emissions are undermining the Protocol’s success
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Slate | Aug 21, 2020
A fight over the world’s longest river is a preview of climate change diplomacy
Around Campus
MIT News | Jul 30, 2020
The King Climate Action Initiative at J-PAL will develop large-scale climate-response programs for some of the world’s most vulnerable populations