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MIT News | Apr 25, 2019
Six campus events to focus on the urgent challenges of climate change and climate action
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MIT News | Apr 11, 2019
In MIT talk, Lord Nicholas Stern calls the next 20 years “absolutely defining” for society
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Joint Program extreme-weather-event modeling method featured in Scientific Computing World article on weather prediction
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Washington Post | Mar 26, 2019
Climate policies around the globe remain woefully inadequate, says MIT CEEPR Deputy Director Michael Mehling (Washington Post)
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MIT News | Mar 20, 2019
Maike Sonnewald adapts a method that identifies areas of the global ocean with similar physics, revealing global dynamical regimes
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Technology Review | Mar 19, 2019
Susan Solomon’s research pinpointed how CFCs caused the Antarctic ozone hole—and later showed that the Montreal Protocol is helping to mend it. She’s convinced we can make progress on addressing climate change, too. (Technology Review)
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PolitiFact | Mar 08, 2019
Joint Program Co-Director John Reilly: Climate change one of multiple factors making wildfires, and hence air quality, worse (PolitiFact)
Hartford Courant | Mar 01, 2019
MIT Joint Program Founding Co-Director Henry Jacoby and co-authors call for a more focused approach that does not bundle climate policy with multiple social objectives
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MIT News | Feb 19, 2019
Study finds rising temperatures feed more energy to thunderstorms, less to general circulation
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MIT News | Feb 13, 2019
As machine learning expands into climate modeling, EAPS Associate Professor Paul O’Gorman answers what that looks like and why it's important now