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Associated Press | Feb 07, 2022
MIT Joint Program Co-Director Emeritus John Reilly suggests some avenues for improvement (Associated Press, Washington Post)
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Institutional Investor | Feb 01, 2022
Wellington, Schroders and others are taking a more activist approach to managing their environmentally-sustainable funds (Institutional Investor) (Additional coverage: Pensions & Investments)
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United Nations | Jan 31, 2022
Study shows how a carbon tax can both accelerate reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and not hurt low-income households (United Nations)
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MIT Energy Initiative | Jan 24, 2022
New MITEI consortium focuses on speeding the energy transition, engaging with industrial leaders to deploy clean energy advances at scale
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MIT School of Science | Jan 09, 2022
Arlene Fiore uses satellite data paired with ground observations to refine our understanding of ozone smog and interactions with meteorology and climate
Yale Climate Connections | Jan 05, 2022
The 1.5 degrees goal can be a ‘useful spur to action,’ but it’s not a make or break point. Importantly, each 0.1-degree increase avoided is ’cause for celebration and hope.’ (Yale Climate Connections)
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MIT News | Jan 04, 2022
New findings may help researchers hone predictions for where phytoplankton will migrate with climate change
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Analysis led by MIT Joint Program Deputy Director C. Adam Schlosser identifies the scope and severity of storm and flood risks to key U.S. petrochemical industry facilities in Texas and Louisiana (Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists)  
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MIT News | Dec 09, 2021
New results show North Atlantic hurricanes have increased in frequency over the last 150 years (Coverage: Washington Post, Reuters)
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MIT News | Nov 15, 2021
Online events highlight progress with new climate planning bodies, campus improvements, and involvement of all parts of the MIT community