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MIT School of Science | May 20, 2021
MIT professor describes her path to the Institute, her work on ozone depletion, and her insights on the state of climate policy
Around Campus
MIT News | May 19, 2021
New results point to unexpected, illegal production of several CFCs in recent years
Around Campus
MIT News | May 12, 2021
The Institute commits to net-zero emissions by 2026, charts course marshaling all of MIT’s capabilities toward decarbonization
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Around Campus
At MIT’s Henry W. Kendall Memorial Lecture, Harvard professor Francesca Dominici illuminates the interplay between air pollution, environmental injustice and Covid-19
Around Campus
MIT Spectrum | Apr 27, 2021
Janelle Knox-Hayes explores link between values, sustainable practices
In The News
Associated Press | Apr 23, 2021
Joint Program Founding Co-Director Emeritus Henry Jacoby comments (Associated Press) (Related: AP)
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NBC News | Apr 22, 2021
If the pandemic revealed what could be considered low-hanging fruit in the climate fight, it also highlighted the sheer scope of the problem. (NBC News)
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The American Prospect | Apr 20, 2021
A federal energy efficiency and clean electricity standard is doable, but getting one through Congress won’t be easy (The American Prospect)
Around Campus
MIT News | Apr 20, 2021
In a Boston Globe op-ed, MIT’s president argues that the US must invest in new breakthroughs while also deploying all available tools today
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 An interview with Dr. John M. Reilly (Harvard Advanced Leadership Initiative Social Impact Review)