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News Release • China Energy & Climate Project
MIT News | May 15, 2017
How combining climate policy and vehicle emissions standards could pack a one-two punch
News Release
MIT News | Apr 26, 2017
Climate data analyst Thomas Karl describes global temperature and precipitation measurement and interpretation in the 16th Henry W. Kendall Memorial Lecture
News Brief • China Energy & Climate Project
Apr 14, 2017
Joint Program/MIT Energy Initiative researchers co-author two chapters in new UNU-WIDER book
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MIT News | Apr 13, 2017
Why it’s prudent to invest in carbon-free electricity now
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News Release
Mar 28, 2017
Study projects vast regional differences in forest productivity, migration and wildfire impacts
Around Campus
MIT News | Mar 24, 2017
North Carolina solar farm is up and running, significantly offsetting Institute’s carbon emissions--and advancing MIT's Plan for Action on Climate Change, which draws on MIT Joint Program expertise
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MIT News | Mar 17, 2017
Fresh from three years as U.S. Energy Secretary, Moniz returns to his roots at MIT
News Brief
Mar 10, 2017
Sergey Paltsev delivers keynote address at energy policy seminar in Helsinki, draws evening news coverage