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MIT News | Nov 14, 2022
Study shows how small-scale actions could improve air quality and health outcomes
News Brief
MIT Climate Portal | Oct 18, 2022

Yes: although electric cars' batteries make them more carbon-intensive to manufacture than gas cars, they more than make up for it by driving much cleaner under nearly any conditions. (MIT Climate Portal) (Additional Coverage: Travel Tomorrow)

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MIT Climate Portal | Oct 07, 2022

Tripping the Earth's climate feedback loops could bring us rapid warming that would be hugely damaging in the near term. But over the longer term, our planet can regulate even truly gigantic changes to the atmosphere. (MIT Climate Portal)

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Oct 07, 2022
MIT Joint Program presentations showcase tools and pathways to assess and alleviate regional and global risk
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MIT News | Oct 04, 2022

Swirling waters replenish nutrients in open ocean, a new study finds, and could mitigate some climate change effects (MIT News)

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Oct 03, 2022
Workshop explores sustainable, equitable pathways to transform agriculture, forestry and other land uses into net carbon sinks
News Brief
Oct 03, 2022
New video shows how U.S. climate policies can be designed to enable a just energy transition
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MIT Economics | Sep 30, 2022

Deeply respected advisor, educator, and mentor was a founding member of the MIT Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change and committed to helping others rise out of poverty (MIT Economics)

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MIT News | Aug 15, 2022
Study estimates potential losses by 2050 amid low-carbon energy transition