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May 30, 2017
How the price of crude may shape the future of a low-carbon alternative
News Release • China Energy & Climate Project
MIT News | May 15, 2017
How combining climate policy and vehicle emissions standards could pack a one-two punch
News Release
MIT News | Apr 26, 2017
Climate data analyst Thomas Karl describes global temperature and precipitation measurement and interpretation in the 16th Henry W. Kendall Memorial Lecture
News Brief • China Energy & Climate Project
Apr 14, 2017
Joint Program/MIT Energy Initiative researchers co-author two chapters in new UNU-WIDER book
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MIT News | Apr 13, 2017
Why it’s prudent to invest in carbon-free electricity now
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News Release
Mar 28, 2017
Study projects vast regional differences in forest productivity, migration and wildfire impacts
Around Campus
MIT News | Mar 24, 2017
North Carolina solar farm is up and running, significantly offsetting Institute’s carbon emissions--and advancing MIT's Plan for Action on Climate Change, which draws on MIT Joint Program expertise
Around Campus
MIT News | Mar 17, 2017
Fresh from three years as U.S. Energy Secretary, Moniz returns to his roots at MIT