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Photo: Illinois Wind Farm (Source: Flickr/Tom Shockey)
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Mar 18, 2024
Study highlights factors that could reduce climate risk
2023 Annual Report of the MIT Joint Program
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This public release of our Annual Report highlights 2023 progress, 2024 plans
How effective are carbon trading systems are in reducing global emissions?
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MIT News | Feb 28, 2024

Can carbon trading systems reduce global emissions, or are they little more than greenwashing? Clear, enforceable standards may make the difference. (MIT News)

Researchers studied the impact of deforestation on the global mercury cycle.
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MIT News | Feb 12, 2024

Scientists quantify a previously overlooked driver of human-related mercury emissions (MIT News) (Coverage: WFXT(Fox)

The closing plenary at COP28
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MIT delegates share observations and insights from the largest-ever UN climate conference (MIT Office of the Vice President for Research) (Related: MIT Joint Program at COP28)

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MIT Joint Program Deputy Director Sergey Paltsev describes climate risk drivers and how MIT researchers are forecasting their impacts on businesses (MIT Climate & Sustainability Consortium)

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Insights, news, projects, publications and other developments at the MIT Joint Program
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New advisory panel to provide essential guidance on current climate data best practices and needs (Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs)

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Dec 10, 2023
Knowledge to action: Co-developing local solutions to the climate crisis