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The MIT Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change provides independent, unbiased research supported by contributions from its member sponsors. All Joint Program findings, analyses and commentaries are based solely on the scientific expertise of our researchers. We ensure that our research results are vetted by the standards of peer-reviewed publications in leading scientific journals, and that our sponsor relationships are aligned with our goal of advancing a sustainable, prosperous world through actionable, scientific analysis.

We envision a world in which community, government and industry leaders have the insights they need to make environmentally and economically sound choices. Because we believe that successful, timely decarbonization of our civilization and stabilization of the global climate depend on engagement with all stakeholders, we work with companies and institutions from all sectors of the economy, including the energy sector. Our goal is to leverage their intellectual and financial capabilities to find realistic ways for transitioning to a low-carbon future as fast as possible in a sustainable manner.

The Program’s international consortium of government, industry and foundation sponsors and contributors continues to evolve, and currently includes the organizations shown below.

Past Sponsors and Past Contributors since 1991