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Power Electronics News | Nov 06, 2022
Policymakers and manufacturers are working toward building new technologies to reduce the carbon footprint of cars (Power Electronics News)
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MIT News | Oct 11, 2022
Climate modeling shows that this summer’s devastating European heat wave may indeed be a harbinger of the future for that region (MIT News)
In The News | Oct 06, 2022
Report cites MIT Joint Program study projecting significant water-supply risks by 2050 (
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MIT News | Sep 28, 2022
New position paper calls for getting stakeholders involved in wind power projects from the start
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Climate Feedback | Sep 19, 2022
MIT Joint Program Deputy Director C. Adam Schlosser helps explain regional variations in warming (Climate Feedbacks)
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MIT News | Sep 13, 2022
The “Fast Forward” climate action plan laid out ambitious commitments. Now comes the harder part: making them happen (Related: 3Q on how MIT is working to reduce emissions on campus)
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National Observer | Sep 06, 2022
MIT Joint Program's John Reilly touts grasses as a more sustainable biofuel alternative than food crops (National Observer)
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Net Zero Investor | Sep 01, 2022
A new study has estimated that the global net present value (NPV) of stranded assets in fossil fuels could be $30.6tn under a scenario where net zero is achieved by 2050 (Net Zero Investor)
The Hill | Aug 31, 2022
Commentary cites Joint Program Report on the climate mitigation potential of U.S. urban infrastructure albedo enhancement (The HIll)
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Yahoo! | Aug 29, 2022
Extreme events are contributing to high prices, says MIT Joint Program Deputy Director Sergey Paltsev (Fortune, Yahoo!)