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Scientific American | Feb 19, 2021
The president’s letter to his new science advisor emphasizes the crucial role science plays in our society—much as Roosevelt did in a similar missive in 1944
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MIT News | Feb 17, 2021
Team brings diverse backgrounds and expertise to address technology and policy challenges for the clean energy transition
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MIT News | Jan 28, 2021
The MIT Climate and Sustainability Consortium launches with 13 company members to work with MIT on innovation in climate and sustainability
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MIT News | Jan 28, 2021
Former US energy secretary discusses opportunities and challenges with MITEI Director Robert Armstrong
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MIT News | Jan 22, 2021
Pablo Jarillo-Herrero, Aviv Regev, Susan Solomon, and Feng Zhang are the recipients of distinguished awards for major contributions to science
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MIT News | Jan 15, 2021
Proposed design could reduce nitrogen oxide emissions by 95 percent, a new study finds
The Guardian | Jan 05, 2021
The ‘carbon dividend’ is so elegant that it seems too good to be true. Governments should make it a post-pandemic priority
Yale Climate Connections | Jan 05, 2021
Adding the essential but missing risk management considerations to the next national climate assessment is an important step for the incoming Biden administration
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MIT News | Jan 04, 2021
Researchers identify a mechanism by which small particles in the atmosphere can generate more frequent thunderstorms
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MIT serves as a laboratory for a multifaceted approach to address the Institute’s own contributions to climate change