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MIT News | Nov 09, 2017
Susan Solomon's John H. Carlson Lecture examines past environmental challenges in the context of today's fight against climate change
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US News & World Report: MIT Joint Program co-founder Henry Jacoby expresses concern about the transparency of emissions reporting among signatories of the Paris Agreement.
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MIT News | Nov 07, 2017
Research, education, and student activities help create a robust community focused on fueling the world's future
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The Energy Collective | Nov 06, 2017
"A serious commitment to long-run climate goals requires we stay focused on planning for a zero-carbon world," writes MIT Joint Program Co-Director John Reilly in The Energy Collective.
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MIT Climate Action | Oct 26, 2017
HIghlights from around the Institute include recent Joint Program developments
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MIT News | Oct 13, 2017
With IPL support, MIT Associate Professor Noelle Selin led a delegation of MIT researchers to the first conference on the Minamata Convention on Mercury
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Bloomberg/AP: MIT Joint Program Research Scientist Kenneth Strzepek comments on the impact of Ethiopian dam on Egypt's water supply
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MIT News | Sep 29, 2017
Michael Bloomberg will deliver keynote address
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MIT News | Sep 25, 2017
Climate scientist describes physics behind expected increase in storm strength due to climate change
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MIT ClimateX | Sep 25, 2017
In Episode 11 of MIT ClimateX Climate Conversations, MIT Joint Program research scientists Élodie Blanc and Erwan Monier discuss how climate modeling and collaborative research are used to assess climate impacts on regional agriculture, the economy and industry