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Updated MIT Climate Primer
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New version incorporates last four years of climate knowledge (MIT Environmental Solutions Initiative)
Carbon offsets
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MIT Joint Program Research Scientist Angelo Gurgel shares his expertise as a guest on the Anti-Dread Climate Podcast (NPR/KCRW)
MIT Outdoor Days
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MIT News | Mar 22, 2024
This measure, developed by MIT researchers, reflects direct effects on people’s quality of life — and reveals significant global disparities (MIT News)
Ask MIT Climate: Impact of restricting domestic fossil fuel production
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MIT Climate Portal | Mar 10, 2024
Supply-side restrictions, like shutting down new oil wells or gas pipelines, tend to lead to more imports and minimal impacts on greenhouse gas emissions—unless paired with other policies that limit demand for fossil fuels (MIT Climate Portal)
New MIT Climate Policy Center
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As part of the new Climate Project at MIT, the center will create and strengthen connections between leading climate researchers and policymakers (MIT Sloan School of Management) (Coverage: Boston Globe, Axios, MIT Technology Review)
Are electric cars more toxic than gas-powered vehicles?
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Daily Mail | Mar 06, 2024
Study suggested EVs expel more particulate matter through their tires and brakes than modern gas-powered vehicles due to added weight from batteries (Daily Mail)
Hydrogen fuel cell cars
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MIT Technology Review | Feb 29, 2024
Batteries are dominating zero-emissions vehicles, and the fuel has better uses elsewhere (MIT Technology Review)
Wildfires in Southeast Asia significantly affect the moods of people in many neighboring countries
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MIT News | Feb 13, 2024
Research in Southeast Asia quantifies how much wildfire smoke hurts peoples’ moods; finds the effect is greater when fires originate in other countries (MIT News)
The Climate Project at MIT
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MIT News | Feb 08, 2024
Richard Lester describes an emerging new initiative that will back climate efforts at the Institute and find outside partnerships to drive actionable innovation (MIT News) (Related: Letter to the MIT Community)
Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
In The News | Feb 08, 2024
EV's higher manufacturing emissions are more than offset by their lower operational emissions, says MIT Joint Program Deputy Director Sergey Paltsev (