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Link to Article | Nov 14, 2012
MIT Researcher Receives Award for Forecasts of Vehicle Use in China Paul Kishimoto, a research associate for the MIT Joint Program’s China Energy and Climate Project, was one of five winners of the Dennis J. O'Brian Student Paper Award sponsored by the U.S. Association of Energy Economics on...
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Nature Editorial | Nov 13, 2012
This week, a reinvigorated Barack Obama returned to the White House knowing that he was poised on the edge of a fiscal cliff. Rather than relishing his victory last week, Obama must immediately set about crafting a compromise on deficit reduction with congressional leaders. The stakes could hardly...
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Wall Street Journal | Nov 13, 2012
By Keith Johnson With the fiscal cliff looming and parts of the U.S. still digging out from the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, calls for the U.S. to adopt a carbon tax are gathering steam–even though there’s little sign of interest from Congress or the White House. Today the conservative...
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MIT News | Nov 13, 2012
MIT researchers show merits of a carbon tax. New standards to strengthen vehicle fuel efficiency are considered one of the landmark environmental achievements of President Obama’s first term. Passed with the backing of automakers and autoworkers, the measure has been touted as a way to save...
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Washington Post | Nov 13, 2012
By: Dylan Matthews Grover Norquist made headlines Monday night for...
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Washington Post | Nov 09, 2012
By: Steven Mufson, November 9 Here’s a riddle: If Congress doesn’t want to raise income tax rates but wants to raise revenue, what can it do? One answer: Pass a carbon tax. A relatively...
Reuters Commentary | Nov 09, 2012
(The author is a Reuters market analyst. The views expressed are his own.)   By Gerard Wynn (Reuters) - Academics and lawmakers have proposed a U.S. carbon tax to curb carbon emissions and...
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MIT News | Nov 07, 2012
MIT researchers develop tool to assess regional risks of climate change, potential impacts on local infrastructure and planning. Climate scientists cannot attribute any single weather event — whether a drought, wildfire or extreme storm — to climate change. But extreme events, such as Hurricane...
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Nov 05, 2012

In looking for ways to combat climate change and minimize the planet’s warming, atmospheric chemist Susan Solomon says it’s often helpful — and heartening — to look to the past.

MIT News | Nov 04, 2012
Atmospheric chemist Susan Solomon finds hope in past environmental challenges. By: Jennifer Chu, MIT News Office Susan Solomon, the Ellen Swallow Richards Professor of Atmospheric Chemistry and Climate SciencePhoto: Dominick Reuter In looking for ways to combat climate change and minimize the...