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Oct 16, 2012

Part of the MIT Museum's Climate and Conflict Series, Joint Program Co-Director John Reilly talks about the economics behind climate change and the most cost-effective approaches to confront it.

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MIT News | Oct 10, 2012
Representatives of Obama, Romney camps lay out differences in crucial policy domains of energy and the environment. Video: Watch the debate There...
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Maputo — Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the United Nations have warned that Mozambique's infrastructure is vulnerable to extreme weather events that are becoming more frequent due to climate change. According to MIT's Ken Strzepek, "in developing countries -...
Oct 02, 2012

John Sterman, MIT Professor of Management and Director of the System Dynamics Group, discusses what happens when we elect policymakers who don't talk about science. 

This is part of the MIT Museum's Climate and Conflict Series.

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MIT News | Oct 01, 2012
Read more from the Mozambique News Agency. MIT and U.N. researchers team up to tackle some of the heftiest climate change challenges developing countries will face as they confront an uncertain future. Higher...
women in energy
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MIT News | Oct 01, 2012
MIT symposium highlights women’s increasing leadership in energy research, industry and government. Female leaders are playing a growing role in advancing the development of clean-energy technologies, helping to advance plans for carbon reduction, reduce pollution and greenhouse gas emissions,...
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Link to Article | Sep 24, 2012
By: Washington Post/Associated Press The issue: People love to talk about the weather, especially...
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MIT News | Sep 18, 2012
Atmospheric science pioneer Susan Solomon speaks on past environmental accomplishments, technology’s role and how history should be our guide to meeting today’s global challenges. By: Vicki Ekstrom Few can speak with as much authority on the topic of environmental success as Susan Solomon. An MIT...
MIT News | Sep 17, 2012
Study estimates rate of intensification of extreme tropical rainfall with global warming. By: Jennifer Chu, MIT News Office Extreme precipitation in the tropics comes in many forms: thunderstorm complexes, flood-inducing monsoons and wide-sweeping cyclones like the recent Hurricane Isaac. Global...
Sep 13, 2012

Susan Solomon, the Ellen Swallow Richards Professor of Atmospheric Chemistry and Climate Science, discusses "The World's Chemistry In Our Hands: Global Environmental Challenges Past and Future" as part of the MIT School of Science's Dean Colloquium Series.