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MIT News | Jun 18, 2012

NREL-MIT study shows an 80 percent renewable energy standard cuts water use in half.

In his first State of the Union address, President Barack Obama set a goal for 80 percent of America's electricity to come from clean energy. Last week, the release of the Renewable Electricity Future study by the U.S. National...
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Link to Article | Jun 15, 2012
MIT Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change co-director and TEPCO professor of atmospheric science Ron Prinn was recently interviewed on his latest publication released today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The report, “...
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MIT News | Jun 13, 2012

IMF-MIT study shows immediate – but realistic – actions are needed to confront climate change. 

As global leaders prepare to gather for the Rio+20 sustainable development summit in Brazil next week, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and a collection of economists from MIT and other organizations has released a report to help leaders confront...
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MIT News | Jun 05, 2012
Quito, Ecuador, is not considered a global leader by most measures. But there is one way in which Quito is at the forefront of metropolises worldwide: in planning for climate change.
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Inside Climate News | Jun 04, 2012
By: Katherine Bagley While the national climate debate is fixed on whether Earth is warming, climate scientists are focused on understanding how bad it will be. The global warming debate in Congress, the states and on the campaign trail centers on two issues: Is Earth warming, and if so are...
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Jun 01, 2012

Selin looks at the pathways by which mercury reaches the environment and the effect it has on human health once it gets there. She also analyzes the steps regulators could take — and in some cases have taken — to prevent further contamination.

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Associated Press | May 31, 2012
The world’s air has reached what scientists call a troubling new milestone for carbon dioxide, the main global warming pollutant. Monitoring stations across the Arctic this spring are measuring more than 400 parts per million of the heat-trapping gas in the atmosphere. The number isn’t quite a...
News Release • China Energy & Climate Project
MIT News | May 24, 2012

Research shows China’s impact on climate change, as well as its potential to shape the path forward.

As climate negotiators wrap-up talks in Bonn, Germany, this week, a major point of contention is who needs to do what to slow global warming. Nations such as China and the United States have held back from making substantial emission reduction pledges in the past, as both nations waited for the...
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EnergyWire | May 23, 2012
The dramatic decoupling of crude oil and natural gas prices in 2009 has created a riddle of profound importance to energy investors and company balance sheets, two Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers conclude in a new study.
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MIT News | May 22, 2012
Traditionally, oil prices have been used to gauge the natural gas market; but new research shows that the future of what is currently a cheap fuel is really anyone's guess. Natural gas prices neared the lowest they've been in about a decade this past winter, as utilities scrambled to take...