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MIT News | Dec 04, 2013

Jennifer Chu, MIT News Office

For the past three decades, as the climate has warmed, the massive plates of sea ice in the Arctic Ocean have shrunk: In 2007, scientists observed nearly 50 percent less summer ice than had been seen in 1980.

Dramatic changes in ice cover have, in turn...

Commentary • China Energy & Climate Project
The Energy Collective | Nov 26, 2013

Update 7:30pm, Saturday, November 23
Decisions have been adopted on the three major elements of COP19: Durban Platform, Loss and Damage, and institutional mechanisms for finance.

Update 4:11pm, Saturday, November 23
The decision of the Durban Platform was adopted and...

Commentary • China Energy & Climate Project
The Energy Collective | Nov 18, 2013

We are heading into the second week of UN climate negotiations in Warsaw (refered to as COP 19), where 194 countries are busy laying the groundwork for an international treaty hopefully to be concluded by 2015. Created under the auspices of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC...

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MIT News | Nov 15, 2013

Watch video from the conference here:

As international climate negotiators meet this month for the 19th meeting of the UN Conference of Parties (COP19), there’s an increasing...

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MIT News | Nov 15, 2013

In deciding how best to meet the world’s growing needs for energy, the answers depend crucially on how the question is framed. Looking for the most cost-effective path provides one set of answers; including the need to curtail greenhouse-gas emissions gives a different picture. Adding the need...

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Cargill | Nov 13, 2013

MIT students and faculty interested in climate change’s impact on agriculture and food production gathered on the University’s campus Tuesday to hear a half-day of dialogue in a Food Symposium sponsored by the MIT Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change. In his keynote address,...

In The News • China Energy & Climate Project
ClimateWire | Nov 06, 2013

Julia Pyper, E&E reporter
Published: Monday, November 5, 2013

Targets set in China's latest five-year plan aimed at reducing harmful air pollution from the burning of fossil fuels will result in unintended reductions in carbon dioxide emissions that exceed the country's...

Nuclear Power
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CNN | Nov 03, 2013

Editor's note: Climate and energy scientists James Hansen, Ken Caldeira, Kerry Emanuel and Tom Wigley released an open letter Sunday calling on world leaders to support development of safer nuclear power systems.

(CNN) -- To those influencing environmental policy...

In The News • China Energy & Climate Project
ClimateWire | Nov 01, 2013

Julia Pyper, E&E reporter

A national emissions trading system in China, placed over the existing patchwork of provincial climate...

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MIT News | Oct 10, 2013

Peter Dizikes, MIT News Office

If you have stopped at a gas station recently, there is a good chance your auto has consumed fuel with ethanol blended into it. Yet the price of gasoline is not substantially affected by the volume of its ethanol content, according to a paper co-authored by...