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MIT News Office | Oct 09, 2013

Peter Dizikes, MIT News Office

The structure of the auditing business appears problematic: Typically, major companies pay auditors to examine their books under the so-called “third-party” audit system. But when an auditing firm’s revenues come directly from its clients, the auditors have...

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The Sverdrup Gold Medal is "granted to researchers who make outstanding contributions to the scientific knowledge of interactions between the oceans and the atmosphere." The award, in the form of a medallion, will be presented at the AMS Annual Meeting to be held on 2–6 February 2014 in Atlanta...

Commentary • China Energy & Climate Project
The Energy Collective | Sep 24, 2013

China’s deployment of renewable electricity generation – starting with hydropower, then wind, and now biomass and solar – is massive. China leads the world in installed renewable energy capacity (both including and excluding hydro) and has sustained annual wind additions in excess of 10...

methane emissions
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Nature News and Comment | Sep 17, 2013

Environmental controls designed to prevent leaks of methane from newly drilled natural gas wells are effective, a study has found — but emissions from existing wells in production are much higher than previously believed.

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CEEPR Spotlight | Sep 06, 2013

By Chris Knittel and John Parsons

Professor Robert Pindyck has a new working paper (CEEPR-WP-13-XXX) that has attracted a good share of attention since it steps into the highly charged debate on the reliability of research related to climate change. But in this case, the focus is on what...

air pollution study
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MIT News Office | Aug 29, 2013

Jennifer Chu, MIT News Office

Researchers from MIT’s Laboratory for Aviation and the Environment have come out with some sobering new data on air pollution’s impact on Americans’ health.

The group tracked ground-level emissions from sources such as industrial smokestacks, vehicle...

In The News • China Energy & Climate Project
MIT News | Aug 12, 2013

Four MIT students won first place in a competition by the U.S. Association of Energy Economics (USAEE) aimed at tackling today’s energy challenges and preparing solutions for policymakers and industry. The students, Ashwini Bharatkumar, Michael Craig, Daniel Cross-Call and Michael Davidson,...

Commentary • China Energy & Climate Project
The Energy Collective | Aug 12, 2013

By Michael Davidson

Wind is China’s fastest growing renewable energy resource. In 2012, 13 gigawatts (GW) were added to the system, and incremental wind electricity production exceeded coal growth for the first time ever. In the same year, unused wind electricity hit record highs while...

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Scientific American | Aug 09, 2013

By Mark Fischetti

As Earth’s atmosphere warms, so does the ocean. Scientists have demonstrated how rising ocean temperatures and carbon dioxide levels can stress marine organisms. But a new model developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology reveals a surprising conclusion: If...