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The Energy Collective | Jul 22, 2013
Coal has been the primary fuel behind China's economic growth over the last decade, growing 10 percent per year and providing three quarters of the nation’s primary energy supply

By Michael Davidson

Coal has been the primary fuel behind China’s economic growth over the last decade, growing 10 percent per year and providing three quarters of the nation’s primary energy supply. Like China’s economy, coal’s use, sale and broader impacts are also dynamic, changing...

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Living on Earth | Jul 12, 2013
New research in China quantifies the relationship between reduced life expectancy and elevated air pollution from coal fired boilers. MIT professor Michael Greenstone tells host Steve Curwood that residents in the north of China live 5 years less on average than those in the south as a result of higher exposure to air pollution from coal combustion.

Air pollution has taken a toll on the health of Chinese residents. A person living in the north of the River Huai can expect to lives 5 years less than a person south of the river, an unintended legacy of the government’s policy to give free coal for winter heating in the north of the country. (...

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MIT News Office | Jul 09, 2013

With global warming, a study finds, tropical cyclones may become more frequent and intense.

The Energy Collective | Jul 09, 2013
This is the first post of a multi-part series on Transforming China’s Grid, where Michael Davidson will be critically examining China’s efforts to reinvent and decarbonize its power sector and related energy goals. He begins with China’s efforts to create provincial and city-level carbon trading pilots as well as major obstacles to establishing a national system that can link with other ETS markets.

By Michael Davidson

China’s first mandatory carbon emissions trading system (ETS) pilot debuted last month before a packed auditorium in the southern city of Shenzhen. China’s first official carbon trade was greeted with fanfare and a well-choreographed script of climate officials....

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TIME | Jul 09, 2013
Existing research suggests that hurricanes could become stronger but less frequent thanks to climate change. But a new study says both could happen.

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AP | Jul 08, 2013
A new study links heavy air pollution from coal burning to shorter lives in northern China.

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Energywire | Jun 26, 2013

By: Joel Kirkland and Peter Behr

June 26, 2013


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Bloomberg Businessweek | Jun 25, 2013

By: Elizabeth Rowe