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Washington Post | Jan 17, 2013

By Juliet Eilperin

As winter begins to tighten its grip on much of the United States, air conditioning doesn’t seem like much of a survival strategy. But a new study has found that home air...

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New York Times | Jan 15, 2013

By Justin Gillis

I would guess a few Green readers had the experience, over the holidays, of arguing yet again about...

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MIT News | Jan 14, 2013

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Ten MIT students are having an experience of a lifetime as they join officials from around the world for the fifth and...

Energy Biz | Jan 14, 2013

A Win for Energy and America

By John Reilly

THE NEW - STILL DIVIDED - CONGRESS reconvenes this month, and its first order of business is the looming federal deficit. The president made his desires clear in his victory speech: "We want our children to live in...

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New York Times | Dec 12, 2012

By: Kate Galbraith

AUSTIN, TEXAS — The harm that can be caused by consuming or breathing mercury is well known and terrible. A pregnant woman, eating too much of the wrong kind of fish, risks bearing a child with neurological damage. Adults...

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The New Yorker | Dec 10, 2012

By:Elizabeth Kolbert

It’s been almost a century since the British economist Arthur Pigou floated the idea that turned his name into an adjective. In “The Economics of Welfare,” published in 1920, Pigou pointed out that private investments often impose costs on other people. Consider...

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CNN Opinion | Dec 03, 2012

By: David Frum

Editor's note: David Frum, a CNN contributor, is a contributing editor at Newsweek and The Daily Beast. He is the author of eight books, including a new novel, "Patriots," and his post-election e-book, "Why Romney Lost." Frum was a special assistant...

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MIT News | Nov 28, 2012

MIT researchers, using field practices, find emissions from shale gas production to be significantly lower than previous estimates.


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Nature Editorial | Nov 13, 2012

This week, a reinvigorated Barack Obama returned to the White House knowing that he was poised on the edge of a fiscal cliff. Rather than relishing his victory last week, Obama must immediately set about crafting a compromise on deficit reduction with congressional leaders. The stakes could...

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Wall Street Journal | Nov 13, 2012

By Keith Johnson

With the fiscal cliff looming and parts of the U.S. still digging out from the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, calls for the U.S. to adopt a carbon tax are gathering steam–even though there’s little sign of interest from Congress or the White House.

Today the...