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Washington Post | Nov 12, 2014
In this column for the Washington Post Wonk Blog, Michael Levi describes the significance of U.S.-China climate agreement, and research that may have influenced the agreement

In this column for the Washington Post Wonk Blog, Michael Levi, senior fellow for energy and the environment at the Council on Foriegn Relations, describes the significance of U.S.-China climate agreement, and research that may have influenced the agreement. 

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MIT News | Oct 31, 2014
The Advanced Global Atmospheric Gases Experiment tracks global emissions and atmospheric data, but lacks data on Africa. Jimmy Gasore, 4th-year MIT graduate student, is trying to change that.

by Zach Wener-Fligner, MIT News correspondent

All around the planet, high-frequency climate observatories are collecting atmospheric data around the clock as part of the Advanced Global Atmospheric Gases Experiment (AGAGE), a 35-year-old project to study emissions and climate change....

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Link to Article | Oct 20, 2014
New committee aims to catalyze community discussion on how MIT can help address climate change.

MIT News Office

On Sept. 19, Maria T. Zuber, MIT’s vice president for research, announced the membership of a community committee to plan and implement the MIT Climate Change Conversation. As Zuber noted, “The Committee should seek broad input from the Institute community on how the...

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Learn how MIT researchers account for different sources of uncertainty in climate modeling, and what they're doing to reduce it. 

Audrey Resutek and Erwan Monier
MIT Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change
World Meteorological Organization Bulletin, October 17, 2014

The US...

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Link to Article | Oct 10, 2014
Geologist and 2014 Crafoord Prize-winner will deliver the 4th annual John Carlson Lecture."

Helen Hill (EAPS)
MIT News
October 10, 2014

Peter Hale Molnar, professor of geological sciences at the University of Colorado at Boulder and a fellow at the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences in Boulder, Colo., presents the...

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Link to Article | Oct 02, 2014
John Reily, codirector of the MIT Joint Program, talks with Climate Central about the 2014 Climate and Energy Outlook's findings on global water stress.

Bobby Magill
Climate Central

Water stress — the general scarcity of freshwater for people who need it — is considered by many scientists as one of the biggest challenges facing humanity and struggling ecosystems in a world increasingly affected by climate change.


In The News | Oct 01, 2014
BusinessGreen -- Latest Energy and Climate Outlook predicts world on track for temperature increases of 3.3C to 5.6C this century, presenting huge challenge to global economy

by BusinessGreen staff

MIT has added its voice to the cacophony of scientific institutions presenting warnings on the true scale of projected climate impacts, with the publication of a new report arguing we are currently on track to far exceed the 2C temperature goal set by the...


An article published this week on the University of Nottingham Climate Policy Institute Blog: "China: Local incentives drive action on global climate change".

You can find the full article by following the link below:

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Link to Article | Aug 29, 2014

MIT's Prof. Noelle Selin appeared on CBC's The Exchange with Amanda Lang to discuss the findings of a study recently published in Nature Climate Change. Watch the interview below. 

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MIT News | Aug 27, 2014

Study finds big snowstorms will still occur in the Northern Hemisphere following global warming.