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May 23, 2019

Gretchen Daily describes a powerful approach to valuing nature in policy and finance in the 17th annual Henry W. Kendall Memorial Lecture.

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MIT News | May 23, 2019

For the 17th annual Kendall Lecture, Gretchen Daily analyzes species and ecosystem services and leverages natural capital to build a green financial system (Video)

Lauren Hinkel | EAPS  May 23, 2019

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Technology Review | May 22, 2019

The apparent spike in CFC-11 production in China underscores the importance of ongoing emissions monitoring—and the limits of our current system (Technology Review) 

by James Temple

May 22, 2019

An international scientific mystery story began to unfold a year ago, when scientists with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) unveiled a surprising finding in the journal Nature: some factories, somewhere, appeared to be...

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May 22, 2019
Despite global phase-out, ozone-depleting chemical still in production in eastern China

Since 2013, annual emissions of a banned chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) have increased by nearly 8,000 tons from eastern China, according to new research published in Nature today by an international team of scientists from the United Kingdom, South Korea, Japan, the United States, Australia and...

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PolitiFact | May 08, 2019

To get to yes, PolitiFact interviewed  MIT Joint Program Co-Director John Reilly and other experts on the subject

Joe Biden may not be the most progressive candidate in the crowded Democratic primary field. But one thing is for certain: Among 2020 presidential candidates, he has the longest legislative record on climate change.

In fact, Biden has taken this title a good deal further by claiming to...

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May 07, 2019
MIT Joint Program Co-Director John Reilly judges Sustainable Resource Use category

Eighteen winners earned top spots in the 8th annual “World of 7 Billion” video contest sponsored by Population Connection, a national grassroots population organization that educates young people and advocates for progressive action to stabilize world population at a level that can be sustained...

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MIT News | May 07, 2019

Results may help researchers interpret ancient monsoon variations, predict future activity in the face of climate change

Each summer, a climatic shift brings persistent wind and rain to much of Southeast Asia, in the form of a seasonal monsoon. The general cause of the monsoon is understood to be an increasing temperature difference between the warming land and the comparatively cool ocean. But for the most part,...

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MIT News | May 02, 2019

TILclimate (Today I Learned: Climate) podcast demystifies the science, technology, and policy surrounding climate change in 10-minute bites

Environmental Solutions Initiative  May 2, 2019

Climate change is confusing.

 MIT Climate Night_WEB.jpg
Around Campus
MIT News | May 01, 2019

Inaugural event for MIT’s climate action groups showcases ways the Institute is reaching outside its walls to make new contributions on climate change

Aaron Krol | Environmental Solutions Initiative  May 1, 2019

News Release
MIT News | Apr 29, 2019
Economic benefits of mitigation arrive much sooner than previously thought

Successful global efforts to substantially limit greenhouse gas emissions would likely boost GDP growth of poorer countries over the next 30 years, according to new research published in Climatic Change.