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Feb 20, 2018
Joint Program Co-Director mentors 360° video journalists

Why do we talk about global change and not just global climate change? What would be the most effective actions to limit the impacts of climate change? What kind of climate change stories would scientists like to read?

Around Campus
MIT News | Feb 14, 2018

Trailblazing scientists Jule Charney and Edward Lorenz gave us numerical weather prediction and chaos theory, highlighting the value of basic research

Lauren Hinkel | Oceans at MIT  February 14, 2018

Our understanding of atmospheric and climate dynamics, as well as weather prediction and its limits, would not be what it is today without advances in the fundamental science of modern meteorology that took place at MIT in the post WWII era...

News Release
MIT News | Feb 13, 2018
Joint Program researchers advocate for improved modeling approach

How might climate change affect the acidification of the world’s oceans or air quality in China and india in the coming decades, and what climate policies could be effective in minimizing such impacts? To answer such questions, decision-makers routinely rely on science-based projections of...

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Around Campus
MIT News | Feb 13, 2018

An increase in corn and soybean production in the Midwest may have led to cooler, wetter summers there

David L. Chandler | MIT News Office  February 13, 2018

Scientists agree that changes in land use such as deforestation, and not just greenhouse gas emissions, can play a significant role altering the world’s climate systems. Now, a new study by researchers at MIT and Dartmouth College...

Feb 09, 2018
Sarah Fletcher PhD Candidate, Institute for Data, Systems, and Society - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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Around Campus
MIT News | Feb 02, 2018

Francis O’Sullivan and Christopher Knittel, co-directors of the MITEI Low-Carbon Energy Center for Electric Power Systems Research, are exploring cleaner, more reliable, and more cost-effective solutions

Kathryn M. O'Neill | MIT Energy Initiative  February 2, 2018

News Release
Feb 01, 2018
Joint Program IAP courses review fundamentals and explore emerging trends

Amid much uncertainty about the future of the global climate and efforts aimed at preventing its most damaging impacts, graduate students affiliated with the MIT Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change are hard at work exploring some of the challenges and possible solutions that...

Jan 31, 2018

Short-term variability and long-term change in climate pose a challenge to water planners. Some climate uncertainties can be reduced over time as new information is collected, while others are irreducible. This presentation shows how flexible water-supply infrastructure planning can help...

News Release
MIT News | Jan 29, 2018
Panel at MIT explores benefits, costs and political challenges

Many economists across the political spectrum agree that carbon pricing could provide a cost-effective strategy to accelerate a transition to a low-carbon economy and reduce carbon emissions that play a key role in global climate change. Drawing on their research, legislators in several states...