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The biannual newsletter of the MIT Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change
News Release
MIT News | Apr 26, 2018
Combining art and science to envision the global food system under climate change

How might climate change alter the global food system by the year 2050? Will diets change to reflect a revamped agriculture designed to adapt to a warming world?

News Release • China Energy & Climate Project
MIT News | Apr 23, 2018
A 4 percent reduction per year in carbon dioxide emissions should net $339 billion in health savings in 2030, researchers estimate

A new MIT study reports that, if China follows through with its international pledge to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, every one of its provinces will experience benefits to air quality and human health, with associated monetary savings that could offset the total cost of implementing the...

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MIT News | Apr 18, 2018

Professor of mechanical engineering explains the importance of advancing internal combustion engines and offers his take on recent EPA rollbacks

Mary Beth O'Leary | Mechanical engineering  April 18, 2018

The future of the internal combustion engine, with some 2 billion in use in the world today, was a hot topic at last week’s Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) World Congress in Detroit. There, John Heywood, the Sun Jae...

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MIT News | Apr 17, 2018
Study projects likely impacts on food prices, bioenergy production and deforestation

Growing global food demand, climate change and climate policies favoring bioenergy production are expected to increase pressures on water resources around the world. Many analysts predict that water shortages will constrain the ability of farmers to expand irrigated cropland, which would be...

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On International Journalism Festival panel, MIT Joint Program Co-Director John Reilly highlights challenges and strategies for impactful climate change reporting

International Journalism Festival

Published on Apr 12, 2018

News Release
Apr 12, 2018
Joint Program Research Scientist Kenneth Strzepek highlights need for collaborative solutions on Tufts Water: Systems, Science and Society Symposium panel

Panel Summary Day Zero: Water Crisis South Africa from the WSSS Symposium, April 6 2018

Around Campus
MIT News | Apr 11, 2018

Interactions among microorganisms account for nitrite accumulation just below the sunlit zone, with implications for oceanic carbon and nitrogen cycling

Lauren Hinkel | Oceans at MIT  April 10, 2018

Nitrogen is a hot commodity in the surface ocean. Primary producers including phytoplankton and other microorganisms consume and transform it into organic molecules to build biomass, while others transform inorganic forms to access their...

News Release
MIT News | Apr 06, 2018
Several different carbon-pricing approaches would help reduce emissions, and some would be fair as well, researchers report

David L. Chandler | MIT News Office  April 6, 2018

Putting a price on carbon, in the form of a fee or tax on the use of fossil fuels, coupled with returning the generated revenue to the public in one form or another, can be an effective way to curb emissions of greenhouse gases. That’s...

Nature Climate Change | Apr 05, 2018

If successful, China could lead the next generation of global carbon markets in developing and industrializing countries. A commentary in the journal Nature Climate Change co-authored by Sloan School of Management Asst. Prof. Valerie Karplus, faculty affiliate of the Joint Program 

Photo: Coal-fired electric plant, Henan Province, China (Source: 

V.T. Polywoda)