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MIT News | Aug 06, 2021
Study gauges the pace of shifting to battery power

On August 5 the White House announced that it seeks to ensure that 50 percent of all new passenger vehicles sold in the United States by 2030 are powered by electricity.

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Aug 03, 2021
New study applies emerging analytic method to scope out potential tipping points

Of the 1.9 billion acres of land in the continental United States, nearly 1.6 billion is used for livestock, forests and crops, in that order. The rest is occupied by urban areas, wetlands, parks, wildlife refuges and other domains. But that’s just a snapshot.

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CNBC | Jul 26, 2021

Joint Program Deputy Director Sergey Paltsev shares MIT projections for decarbonizing the electric vehicle infrastructure (CNBC)


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National Geographic | Jul 19, 2021

If we’re to avoid extreme warming, all drilling for oil needs to stop now, experts say, but U.S. fossil fuel production is continuing.(National Geographic)

ByJoel K. Bourne, Jr.

Published July 19, 2021

• 9 min read

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MIT News | Jul 19, 2021
In the sector where emissions are hardest to cut, carbon capture could be the sharpest knife

A critical challenge in meeting the Paris Agreement’s long-term goal of keeping global warming well below two degrees Celsius is to vastly reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gas emissions generated by the most energy-intensive industries. According to a recent report by the...

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Insights, news, projects, publications and other developments at the MIT Joint Program
Jul 12, 2021

Multi-sector dynamics modeling enables researchers to evaluate future trends and tipping points in continental U.S. land-use change by simulating interactions and interdependencies among the human and natural systems that drive it, and the resilience of these systems to compounding forces and...

Jul 12, 2021

Quantifying uncertainty in socio-economic outcomes can provide insight into the likelihood of future energy and emissions projections, thereby informing multi-sector risk assessment.

CNN | Jul 09, 2021

Commentary cites MIT Joint Program/Farm Journal Foundation report on how agriculture can help address climate change (CNN)

Farmers like me want to join fight against climate change. But we need help

Opinion by Vanessa Kummer


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Recent Event
Jun 28, 2021
Lead authors of the MIT Joint Program's signature publication present the Outlook's projections of future energy, water, food, climate, and policy prospects

The 2021 Global Change Outlook presents the MIT Joint Program’s latest projections for the future of the Earth’s energy, managed resources (including water, agriculture and land), and climate, as well as prospects for achieving the Paris Agreement’s short-term targets and long-term goals of...