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Nature | Jul 18, 2018

Applying carbon charges, not trade tariffs, to imports would bolster the Paris Agreement, argue Michael Mehling and colleagues. (Nature) [Coverage: Inside Climate News]

Two huge multilateral issues — free trade and climate change — top policymakers’ agendas in 2018. This offers a chance to couple them.

More and more countries are shielding domestic producers from foreign competition — a process known as protectionism. Since January, US President Donald...

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Knowledge@Wharton | Jul 03, 2018

Joint Program faculty affiliate Valerie Karplus and experts at Duke and Wharton discuss her new study on environmental regulation compliance in China

A new paper published earlier this month by the National Academy of Sciences has found a patchy and troubling record for coal-fired power plants in China in their compliance with the country’s anti-pollution laws. It found inconsistencies between pollution data recorded by plant-level continuous...

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Joint Program faculty affiliate Noelle Selin: Health co-benefits could be an added incentive for individual countries to take action on climate. (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)  Radio Report

Australia is missing out on billions in short-term health savings that could come with tougher greenhouse emission targets, experts say.
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MIT News | Jun 22, 2018
Study highlights economic losses for participating countries

On June 14 the Trump administration announced new tariffs on $50 billion of Chinese goods, which prompted China to launch retaliatory measures in a trade war it claims the U.S. has started. A few days later, the U.S.

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MIT News | Jun 19, 2018
Following the Paris accord could reduce risk of severe water-access problems, researchers find

Even “modest” action to limit climate change could help prevent the most extreme water-shortage scenarios facing Asia by the year 2050, according to a new study led by MIT researchers.

The study takes an inventive approach to modeling the effects of both climate change and economic growth...

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Jun 19, 2018
Modeling advance enables more efficient and precise estimates

The ability to separate out a distinct signal from ambient noise in reams of scientific data is critical to detecting a meaningful trend or turning point in the data. That’s especially true when it comes to identifying signals of improving or declining air quality trends, whose magnitude can be...

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MIT News | Jun 18, 2018
Study finds reduction in sulfur emissions from power plants

Peter Dizikes | MIT News Office  June 18, 2018

Air pollution has smothered China’s cities in recent decades. In response, the Chinese government has implemented measures to clean up its skies. But are those policies effective? Now an innovative study co-authored by an MIT scholar shows...

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Jun 18, 2018
MIT Joint Program workshop explores economic and environmental impacts of scaling up low-carbon energy

When the Paris Agreement was launched in 2015, nearly 200 nations pledged to enact and continually strengthen policies aimed at keeping the rise in global average surface temperature since pre-industrial times to well below two degrees Celsius. Meeting that ambitious goal will require a dramatic...

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PolitiFact | Jun 18, 2018

Joint Program Co-Director John Reilly helps correct the record (PolitiFact)

By Louis Jacobson on Monday, June 18th, 2018 at 10:00 a.m.

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Jun 13, 2018
New method enables faster, more accurate simulation of aerosol-cloud interaction

Particles matter, especially when airborne. Whether emitted from artificial sources such as power plants and internal combustion engines, or natural sources such as volcanic eruptions, airborne particulates or aerosols not only impact human health but also the global climate. The more particles...