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MIT News | Jun 08, 2020

Solar geoengineering proposals will weaken extratropical storm tracks in both hemispheres, scientists find

Jennifer Chu | MIT News Office June 2, 2020

How can the world combat the continued rise in global temperatures? How about shading the Earth from a portion of the sun’s heat by injecting the stratosphere with reflective aerosols? After all, volcanoes do essentially the same thing, albeit...

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MIT News | Jun 08, 2020

An MIT-developed technique could aid in tracking the ocean’s health and productivity

Jennifer Chu | MIT News Office May 29, 2020

On land, it’s fairly obvious where one ecological region ends and another begins, for instance at the boundary between a desert and savanna. In the ocean, much of life is microscopic and far more mobile, making it challenging for scientists to...

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MIT Energy Initiative | May 18, 2020

Joint Program Co-Director John Reilly and other experts on how the U.S. energy market has changed in the 2010s (MIT Energy Initiative)


John Reilly, senior lecturer, MIT Sloan School and co-director, Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change

Lisa Jacobson, president, Business Council for Sustainable Energy (@ljacobsonenergy)

The Hill | May 18, 2020

Joint Program Founding Co-Director Emeritus Henry Jacoby and coauthors explore challenges and opportunities ahead (The Hill)

One cannot help but look back nostalgically to a time when we thought the biggest crisis facing humanity would evolve over many years. How quickly concerns have changed. In a matter of months, the nation has been forced to commit to several trillion dollars in stimulus packages to keep the...

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MIT School of Science | May 18, 2020

Research suggests glacial melting might explain the recent decadal cooling and sea ice expansion across Antarctica's Southern Ocean

Fernanda Ferreira | School of Science May 17, 2020

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MIT News | May 13, 2020

Atmospheric chemist is recognized for her “leadership in working toward real-world solutions to address the global climate crisis.”

Jennifer Chu | MIT News Office May 13, 2020

Atmospheric chemist Susan Solomon, whose pioneering scientific and environmental policy work has helped to shape international agreements for healing the ozone layer and mitigating climate change, has been named the recipient of the 2020-2021...

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A new climate primer by MIT Joint Program faculty affiliate/Professor of Atmospheric Science Kerry Emanuel, 

MIT Professor Kerry Emanuel has made it a personal mission to speak publicly about climate change. He felt a new and surprising duty to speak up after the scientific issue became politicized in the United States. In fact, political identity is the number one indicator of whether or not...

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Laureate recognized for contributions to climate change

Sandi Miller | Department of Mathematics May 8, 2020

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MIT EAPS | May 06, 2020

Professor of atmospheric science honored for his work on atmospheric physics and dynamics of tropical weather patterns

Lauren Hinkel | EAPS May 6, 2020

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Apr 27, 2020
Joint Program research empowers decision-makers facing critical choices

A strong focus on climate-related financial risk has emerged in the past two years. Investors, particularly large institutional investors, have increasingly sought to understand whether the companies they’re investing in are exposed to climate risk. Central banks, particularly those in Europe,...