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MIT News | Mar 12, 2010
MIT analysis suggests generating electricity from large-scale wind farms could influence climate — and not necessarily in the desired way Wind power has emerged as a viable renewable energy source in recent years — one that proponents say could lessen the threat of global warming. Although the...
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MIT News | Mar 10, 2010
When there's more energy radiating down on the planet than there is radiating back out to space, something’s going to have to heat up. (This is the first of a two-part "Explained" on the scientific concepts underlying the concept of the greenhouse effect and global climate change. Part two deals...
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MIT News | Feb 26, 2010
Intense hurricane activity millions of years ago may have caused and sustained warmer climate conditions, new research suggests A question central to research on global warming is how warmer temperatures caused by increased greenhouse gases could influence climate. Probing the past for clues about...
Feb 05, 2010

Moderator: Ernest J. Moniz Robert N. Stavins Michael Greenstone Stephen Ansolabehere Edward S. Steinfeld Henry D. Jacoby John Sterman PhD '82

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MIT News | Dec 15, 2009
VIDEO of Climategate discussionEvent and participant details At Dec. 10 forum, MIT faculty experts discussed what 'Climategate' really means for climate...
Dec 10, 2009

Moderator: Henry D. Jacoby Kerry Emanuel '76, PhD '78 Judith Layzer PhD '99 Stephen Ansolabehere Ronald G. Prinn SCD '71 Richard Lindzen

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MIT News | Dec 09, 2009
The co-director of MIT's Global Change program discusses what to expect from the U.N. Climate Change Conference, and the effects of 'Climategate' Delegates from around the world began meeting this week in Copenhagen to try to work out a new U.N. pact to address global climate change....
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MIT News | Nov 05, 2009
MIT’s Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change has pegged the annual cost of the proposed cap-and-trade legislation in Congress at $400 per U.S. household. But estimating the cost of doing nothing is far more difficult. Sergey Paltsev, a...
Oct 30, 2009

Thomas Karl, Tim Lenton, Philip Boyd, Joyce Penner, David Battisti, David Keith, James Fleming, Judy Layzer, Catherine Redgewell, Carl Wunsch, Cornelia Dean, Kerry Emanuel, Dara Entekhabi, Ronald Prinn

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MIT News | Oct 23, 2009
New analysis shows that without proper regulation, biofuels programs aimed at curbing greenhouse gases could do just the opposite A global push toward production of biofuels, advocated by many as a measure to curb greenhouse gas emissions, could have exactly the opposite effect unless adequate...