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Globe and Mail | Sep 11, 2012
By: Michael Vaughan Two interesting issues that in the banality of the U.S. presidential campaign will likely never be discussed: 1. the extent of the sea ice covering the Arctic Ocean is now the smallest observed in the three decades since consistent satellite observations of the polar cap began...
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MIT News | Sep 10, 2012
MIT researchers have built a model that will be further developed as part of an NSF-funded project to track how chemicals get to remote Arctic environments. By: Vicki Ekstrom Listen to researcher Noelle Selin on Alaska's KNOM radio...
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Discovery News | Sep 07, 2012
By: Kieran Mulvaney     As we approach the peak of this year's hurricane season, one question...
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Bloomberg BNA | Aug 28, 2012
By Ari Natter   WASHINGTON, D.C.--A tax on carbon dioxide emissions could raise $1.5 trillion, according to a Massachusetts Institute of Technology report that said the revenue could be used to stave off budget cuts as Congress seeks to...
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Aug 27, 2012
MIT researchers show a carbon tax could help raise the money needed to slash the deficit, improve the economy and secure America’s clean energy future.

With the nation’s borrowing limit looming, Washington is struggling to find a solution to America’s mounting debt. The Bi-Partisan Tax Commission laid out the harsh reality in a 2010 report: Closing the deficit would require both tax increases and cuts to social programs such as Medicare,...

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Washington Post | Aug 27, 2012
By: Brad Plumer With the United States facing the expiration of a slew of tax cuts in 2013—the dread “fiscal cliff”—there has been plenty of interest in offbeat...
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The Hill | Aug 27, 2012
By: Zack Colman Taxing carbon would generate $1.5 trillion, potentially giving politicians cover from making politically difficult decisions on taxes and social spending cuts, according to a study by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) released Monday. A carbon tax would take pressure...
Politico | Aug 26, 2012
Read the news release on this report. Read the study's coverage in the Washington Post Here,...
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NY Times | Jul 26, 2012
In a study published online by the journal Science, Harvard University scientists reported that some storms send water vapor miles into the stratosphere — which is normally drier than a desert — and showed how such...
Recent Event • China Energy & Climate Project
The inescapable importance of China to global energy and climate efforts has compelled the Joint Program—in collaboration with Tsinghua University—to launch a special research effort called the China Energy and Climate Project.