Integrated Assessment of Greenhouse Gases and Climate Impacts

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Integrated Assessment of Greenhouse Gases and Climate Impacts

Focus Areas: 

  • Managed Resources
  • Infrastructure & Investment
  • Policy Scenarios
  • Air Quality & Health

This project is applying the MIT Integrated Global Systems Model framework to assess the potential impacts of greenhouse gases and climate adaptation strategies. We will examine multiple environmental effects on human health, food supply and price changes, infrastructure, energy demand, the quantity and quality of water resources, and sea level rise and coastal damage. Specific tasks will address such topics as: 1) the benefits of controlling short-lived atmospheric substances such as black carbon aerosols; 2) the spatial variance of changes in climate variables to support impacts studies; 3) the linkage of air quality, climate, and the effects on human health; 4) the projection of extreme precipitiation events and water supply, demand, and quality; 5) land use change and agricultural impacts; 6) sea level rise and coastal impacts; and 7) the regional character of climate impacts and intersectoral interactions. By improving the public's understanding of how climate change may affect them, individuals, communities, states and Federal agencies will be better positioned to consider actions to limit the negative consequences of environmental change.

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