Reilly, John

John Reilly
Co-Director, MIT Joint Program
Senior Lecturer, Sloan School of Management





Focus Areas

Food, Water & Forestry, Infrastructure Resilience, Air Quality & Health, Workshop, Energy, Climate Policy, Regional Analysis


John Reilly is a Co-Director of the MIT Joint Program and an energy, environmental, and agricultural economist. His research is focused on understanding the role of human activities as a contributor to global environmental change and the effects of environmental change on society and the economy. A key element of his work is the integration of economic models of the global economy as it represents human activity with models of biophysical systems including the ocean, atmosphere, and terrestrial vegetation. By understanding the complex interactions of human society with our planet, the goal is to aid in the design of policies that can effectively limit the contribution of human activity to environmental change, to facilitate adaptation to unavoidable change, and to understand the consequences of the deployment of large scale energy systems that will be needed to meet growing energy needs.

Education + Credentials
B.S., Economics and Political Science, University of Wisconsin, 1976
M.S., Economics, University of Pennsylvania, 1979
Ph.D., Economics, University of Pennsylvania, 1983

Recent Publications

Journal Article
Gillingham, K., W. Nordhaus, D. Anthoff, G. Blanford, V. Bosetti, P. Christensen, H. McJeon and J. Reilly (2018). Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, 5(4), 791-826. (doi: 10.1086/698910)
Joint Program Reprint, Journal Article
Ledvina, K., N. Winchester, K. Strzepek and J.M. Reilly (2018). Journal of Global Economic Analysis, 3(1), 122-155 (doi: 10.21642/JGEA.030103AF) [PDF]
Joint Program Report
Winchester, N. and J.M. Reilly (2018). Joint Program Report Series Report 331, June, 10 pp. [PDF]
Journal Article
Gillingham, K., W. Nordhaus, D. Anthoff, G. Blanford, V. Bosetti, P. Christensen, H. McJeon and J. Reilly (2018). Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, online first (doi: 10.1086/698910)
Joint Program Reprint, Journal Article
Winchester, N., K. Ledvina, K. Strzepek and J.M. Reilly (2018). Australian Journal of Agriculture and Resource Economics, 62, pp. 327–351 (DOI: [PDF]

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