An Improved Framework for Analysis of Global Warming

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An Improved Framework for Analysis of Global Warming

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Focus Areas: 

  • Food, Water & Forestry
  • Energy
  • Earth System Science
  • Climate Policy
  • Regional Analysis

This project is focused on the application of the MIT Integrated System Model (IGSM) to the study of climate change issues. The effort encompasses utilization of the IGSM in analysis of climate-system uncertainty, analysis of uncertainty in human-climate interaction, and analysis of climate policy. Current foci include: analyses of climate sensitivity and climate parameter estimation; investigation of changes in precipitation frequency and intensity; analyses of uncertainty in the response of terrestrial ecosystems to climate changes; study of the impacts of climate change on crops, livestock, forestry and land-use; analyses of the economic cost of sea-level rise and coastal damage; studies of the interaction among issues of water resources, energy demand, and biofuel production; decision-making under uncertainty; assessment of long-term climate policy; studies of policy proposals in the U.S. and elsewhere; analyses of technology and technical change, and linkages with climate policy; and the analysis of impacts of policy on climate and environmental change.

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