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Working Paper
White-Nockleby, C., M. Wahid, C. Boone and B. Delhees (reviewed by J. Reilly) (2021).
MIT Environmental Solutions Initiative White Paper Series,
Joint Program Report
Report 351
Yuan, M., A. Barron, N. Selin, P. Picciano, L. Metz, J. Reilly and H. Jacoby (2021).
Joint Program Report Series, April, 24 p. [Download]
Joint Program Report
Report 350
Strzepek, K., C.A. Schlosser and J. Goudreau (2021).
Joint Program Report Series, April, 16 p. [Download]
Journal Article
Park, S., ..., R.G. Prinn, ... and M. Rigby (2021).
Nature, Online first (doi: 10.1038/s41586-021-03277-w)
Joint Program Report
Report 348
Paltsev, S., A. Sokolov, M. Haigh, D. Hone and J. Morris (2021).
Joint Program Report Series, February, 20 p. [Download]
Joint Program Report
Report 346
Kat, B. (2021).
Joint Program Report Series, February, 19 p. [Download]
Joint Program Report
Report 347
Morris,J., J. Reilly, S. Paltsev and A. Sokolov (2021).
Joint Program Report Series, February, 23 p. [Download]
Joint Program Report
Report 349
Morris, J., A. Sokolov, A. Libardoni, C. Forest, S. Paltsev, J. Reilly, C.A. Schlosser, R. Prinn, H. Jacoby (2021).
Joint Program Report Series, [Download]
Journal Article
Zhang, D., et al. (2021).
One Earth, 4, 135–145 (doi: 10.1016/j.oneear.2020.12.010)
Journal Article
Dutkiewicz, S., P.W. Boyd, U. Riebesell (2021).
Global Change Biology, Online first
Journal Article
Reilly, J.M., Y.-H.H. Chen and H.D. Jacoby (2021).
Humanities & Social Sciences Communications, 8(16) (doi: 10.1057/s41599-020-00698-2)
Journal Article
Morris, J., H. Kheshgi, S. Paltsev and H. Herzog (2021).
Climate Change Economics, 12(1), 215001 (doi: 10.1142/S2010007821500019)
Journal Article
Hong, W.-H., H.-C. Chai, Y.-H.H. Chen, J. M. Reilly and S. Paltsev (2021).
Economic Systems Research, 33(2), 157-170 (doi: 10.1080/09535314.2020.1784098)
Journal Article
Fajardy M., J. Morris, A. Gurgel, H. Herzog, N. MacDowell and S. Paltsev  (2021).
Global Environmental Change, 68, 102262 (doi: 10.1016/j.gloenvcha.2021.102262)
Journal Article
Fant, C., B. Boehlert, K. Strzepek, P. Larsen, A. White, S. Gulati, Y. Li and J. Martinich (2020).
Energy, 195, 116899 (doi: 10.1016/