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MIT News | Mar 26, 2012

CLPs Peter Littlewood talks with MIT researchers and students about the country’s strengths and the United States’s opportunity to embrace them.

Just weeks after an MIT report showed fast-growing nations such as China and India would drive energy growth over the next half century, the Institute received a visit from a leading company powering that growth.

MIT News | Mar 21, 2012
'Weather in a tank' demonstration helps students grasp fluid dynamics.By: Jennifer Chu, MIT News Office Fluid dynamics plays a central role in determining Earth's climate. Ocean currents and eddies stir up contents from the deep, while atmospheric winds and weather systems steer temperature and...
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MIT News | Mar 20, 2012

New MIT analysis shows there’s enough room to safely store at least a century’s worth of U.S. fossil fuel emissions.

A new study by researchers at MIT shows that there is enough capacity in deep saline aquifers in the United States to store at least a century’s worth of carbon dioxide emissions from the nation’s coal-fired powerplants. Though questions remain about the economics of systems to capture and store...
Researcher Highlight
MIT News | Mar 05, 2012
Like a lot of economists, Christopher Knittel entered college with career plans in mind. Unlike a lot of economists, Knittel had plans that involved baseball. At California State University at Stanislaus, Knittel was good enough to make the team as a second baseman. But during his freshman season,...
News Release
Mar 05, 2012

MIT report shows China and developing nations will come to dominate emissions that promote climate change

Researcher Highlight
Mar 02, 2012
Christopher Knittel had big dreams heading into college. Those dreams involved baseball.

Christopher Knittel had big dreams heading into college. Those dreams involved baseball. 

“I entered undergraduate with the hopes of being a professional baseball player,” says Knittel, who was good enough to make the team at California State University-Stanislaus as a second baseman. ...

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MIT News | Mar 01, 2012
Today’s global challenges will significantly affect how we grow our food. But these challenges are so complex and intertwined that response measures require collaboration and a broad, integrated lens.
Student Spotlight
Mar 01, 2012

“Biology was part of the first magic of science for me,” Giang says. “Then I learned that I could use my love of biology to really engage with social justice issues.”

A climate window in the Southern Ocean
MIT News | Feb 28, 2012
By: Jennifer Chu The world’s oceans act as a massive conveyor, circulating heat, water and carbon around the planet. This global system plays a key role in climate change, storing and releasing heat throughout the world. To study how this system affects climate, scientists have largely focused on...
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Reuters | Feb 16, 2012
By: Tan Ee Lyn China's worsening air pollution, after decades of unbridled economic growth, cost the country $112 billion in 2005 in lost economic productivity, a study by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has found. The figure, which also took into account people's lost leisure time...