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MIT Energy Initiative | Nov 22, 2016
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Aug 29, 2016

Québec Premier and MIT Vice President for Research speak at Boston signing ceremony; Hydro-Québec CEO pledges funding

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ChinaFAQs | Aug 25, 2016
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Aug 24, 2016

Study shows long-lasting health, economic impacts of lead emissions from U.S. general aviation flights

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Jul 28, 2016

Recognizing the substantial costs involved in addressing climate change through both mitigation and adaptation measures, the Paris Agreement stipulates that developed countries provide at least $100 billion a year in climate financing to developing countries, and support their transition to lower-carbon economies through international cooperation. One avenue for such cooperation is to link carbon markets—emissions trading systems that put a cap on carbon—in developed and developing regions.

In The News • China Energy & Climate Project
chinadialogue | Jul 25, 2016
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Jul 07, 2016

To assess the likely impact of climate change on U.S. agriculture, researchers typically run a combination of climate and crop models that project how yields of maize, wheat and other key crops will change over time. But the suite of models commonly used in these simulations, which account for a wide range of uncertainty, produces outcomes that can range from substantial crop losses to bountiful harvests. These mixed results often leave farmers and other agricultural stakeholders perplexed as to how best to adapt to climate change.