Past Events

October 13, 1992 - October 15, 1992
SESSIONS: The Business Role in Greenhouse Gas Strategies for Developing Countries; Effects of GHG Control Policies on Developing Countries; Climate Change at Regional Scale: Observations, and Predictions; Agricultural Impacts of Potential Climate Change; Integrated Analysis of Climate Change
March 30, 1992 - April 01, 1992
SESSIONS: Review and Discussion of IPCC Update; Emerging Science Issues Important for Policy; The Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee Process After Brazil; Mitigation Policies; Information and Analysis Needs, Post-Brazil
September 04, 1991 - September 06, 1991
SESSIONS: Climate Prediction for Policy Analysis; Global Greenhouse Gas Budgets; Cost Analysis of Control Policies; LDC Stakes in Global Change; Global Climate Negotiations; Plans for the Global Change Forum