Past Events

June 21, 2000 - June 23, 2000
SESSIONS: Ocean Response and the Stabiity of the Thermohaline Circulation; Aerosols and Clouds; The Response of the Terrestrial Biosphere; Integration of Components Into Overall Uncerainty Analysis; Emission Control Decisions Uncer Uncertainty; Progress of the Climate Negotiations and Expectations for COP-6
November 17, 1999 - November 19, 1999
SESSIONS: Detection of Climate Change and Calibration of Climate Models; Measurment, Monitoring, and Envorcement of Carbon Sinks; Interpreting the "Danger" Goal in the Climate Convention; The Use of GWPs in Climate Agreements; Interaction of Air Pollution Control and Global Change; Measurement and Implementation in National Permit Trading Systems
January 27, 1999 - January 29, 1999
SESSIONS: The Biophysical Potential of Forest and Agricultural Sinks; Economics and Policy of Sinks; The Potential for Other Gases; Technology Options for Utilities; Technology Options in Transportation; Integrated Emissions Trading
June 14, 1998 - June 16, 1998
SESSIONS: Detection and Attribution of Climate Change; New Developments in the Science of Climate Change; New Dimensions in the IPCC Assessment Process; Implementation of Annex I Flexibility: Bubbles, Trading and Joint Implementation; Implementation and Extension of Provisions Involving Non-Annex I Parties; Prospects for Ratification and Implementation of the Kyoto Protocol
September 29, 1997 - October 01, 1997
SESSIONS: Health Effects of Potential Climate Change; Effects on Agriculture and Forestry; Effects on Water Supply and Quality; Biodiversity, Ecosystem Function, and Effects of Climate Change; Integrating Global Change Effects for Policy Analysis and Public Communication; Prospects for Kyoto
January 29, 1997 - January 31, 1997
SESSIONS: Interpreting the Results to Date in the Ad-Hoc Group on the Berlin Mandate; The Likely Climate and Economic Effects of Stabilization Proposals; Greenhouse Policy Architecture and Institutions; The Lessons from Sulfur Trading for Carbon Policy; Prospects for Reconciling the Competing Interests in COP-3; Beyond COP-3