Franck, Travis

Travis Franck
Former Research Assistant, Joint Program
Senior Scientist and Policy Analyst, Climate Interactive
Research Affiliate, MIT Sloan School of Management


Climate Interactive


Prof. Henry Jacoby, Prof. John Sterman, Prof. Robert Nicholls

Research Topic:
Modeling the impacts of sea-level rise and changes in storm intensity on coastal infrastructure and development, and economic and environmental loss.

Education + Credentials
B.S., Environmental Science, Computer Science, and Environmental Studies, Iowa State University, 2001
S.M., Technology and Policy Program, and Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, MIT, 2005
Ph.D., Engineering Systems Division, MIT, 2009
Master's Thesis: Quantifying the Cost Uncertainty of Climate Stabilization Policies
Ph.D. Thesis: Coastal Communities and Climate Change: A Dynamic Model of Risk Perception, Storms, and Adaptation

Recent Publications

Student Dissertation or Thesis
Franck, T.R. (2009). Ph.D. Thesis, Technology, Management, and Policy; Engineering Systems Division, MIT [PDF]
Joint Program Reprint, Journal Article
Franck, T. (2009). Management of Environmental Quality, 20(4): 434-450
Conference Proceedings Paper
Franck, T. (2008). Conference Proceedings, International System Dynamics Conference 2008 (Athens, Greece, July)
Student Dissertation or Thesis
Franck, T.R. (2005). Master of Science Thesis, MIT Technology and Policy Program and Civil and Environmental Engineering Department [PDF]