Mobility of the Future: Global Economic and Policy Modeling

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Mobility of the Future: Global Economic and Policy Modeling

Focus Areas: 

  • Energy Transition

The project contributes to the MIT study, Mobility of the Future, and seeks to examine interactions among vehicle power train technologies, fuel options, refueling infrastructure, consumer choice, public transit, new transportation modalities, and government policy. A major driver of future change is policy related to climate change and environmental concerns. The Joint Program’s Economic Projection and Policy Analysis (EPPA) model provides a multi-region, multi-sector dynamic representation of the global economy.  It has been successfully applied to study transportation-related issues such as the effect of economic development and energy policy on fuel mix, fuel prices, transportation demand, consumer choices, and overall economic activity.  The EPPA model will be used to integrate findings from other components of the Mobility study, provide projections of fuel prices and other variables for other modeling efforts in the Study, develop scenarios of future energy and transportation policy illustrating the impact on global and regional mobility trends.

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