The Impact of Climate Change on Global Health

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The Impact of Climate Change on Global Health

Focus Areas: 

  • Earth Systems
  • Policy Scenarios
  • Climate Policy
  • Air Quality & Health
  • Multi-Sector Dynamics

Existing climate targets neither consider nor identify the impact of successful pathways that also achieve an environment that supports and protects human health. In addition, we have limited knowledge of the landscape of various health risk drivers. This projects aims to assess the relative impact on health (of humans and nature) of global progress towards global temperature targets. Ultimately, these targets with be illustrated with analysis and visualization platforms of the health impacts across the nexus of nature’s resources (i.e. air, water, energy, land) and infrastructure. The main goal is to build upon the Joint Program’s multi-stressor risk-triage platform that will identify, quantify and project the risks from multiple environmental and human-based stressors, influences and impacts on human health as well as actions toward a more resilient and prosperous healthcare infrastructure

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