Analysis of National Hydrogen Supply Chain Scenarios

Active Project
Analysis of National Hydrogen Supply Chain Scenarios

Focus Areas: 

  • Managed Resources
  • Energy Transition
  • Regional Analysis
  • North America

Sponsor: National Petroleum Council (via MIT Energy Initiative)

Duration: 1 year

Abstract: This project will provide systems-level insights about the cost and performance parameters that low-carbon hydrogen technology must deliver to become a substantial contributor to decarbonization at the national scale. We will assess the role of hydrogen technology in a portfolio of mitigation options as a basis for strategies to advance the low- carbon hydrogen option. We will collaborate with MIT Energy Initiative researchers to enhance a multi-level platform, Sustainable Energy System Analysis Modelling Environment (SESAME), to explore the impacts of relevant technological, operational, temporal and geospatial characteristics of the energy system and various low-carbon hydrogen integration options. We will use a national energy-economic model (USREP) to examine long-term scenarios to estimate the importance of factors influencing hydrogen energy deployment and its role in decarbonizing the energy system and the economy.

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Administration, Faculty
MIT Energy Initiative; Joint Program