Regional Analysis: South & Central America


Journal Article
Gurgel, A.C., S. Paltsev and G.V. Breviglieri (2019). Energy and Development Economics, 1-18 (doi:10.1017/S1355770X1900007X)
Special Report
Paltsev, S., M. Mehling, N. Winchester, J. Morris and K. Ledvina (2018). MIT Joint Program Special Report, [PDF]
Journal Article
Van Ruijven, B., K. Daenzer, K. Fihser-Vanden, T. Kober, S. Paltsev, R. Beach, S. Calderon, K. Calvin, M. Labriet, A. Kitous, A. Lucena and D. van Vuuren (2016). Energy Economics, 56, 498-511

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