Publications: Gurgel, Angelo

Joint Program Report
Report 343

Reilly, J.M., A. Gurgel and E. Blanc (2020).
Joint Program Report Series, [Download]

Journal Article

Gurgel, A.C., S. Paltsev and G.V. Breviglieri (2019).
Energy and Development Economics, 1-18 (doi:10.1017/S1355770X1900007X)

Joint Program Technical Note
TN #16

Chen, Y.-H.H., S. Paltsev, J. Reilly, J. Morris, V. Karplus, A. Gurgel, N. Winchester, P. Kishimoto, É. Blanc and M. Babiker (2017).
Joint Program Technical Note, March, 32 p. [Download]

Journal Article

Calvin, K.V., R. Beach, A. Gurgel, M. Labriet and A.M.L. Rodriguez (2016).
Energy Economics, 56(May 2016): 615–624 (doi:10.1016/j.eneco.2015.03.020) [Read Full Article]

Journal Article

Lucena, A.F.P., L. Clarke, R. Schaeffer, A. Szklo, P.R.R. Rochedo, L.P.P. Nogueira, K. Daenzer, A. Gurgel, A. Kitous and T. Kober (2016).
Energy Economics, 56(May): 564–574 [Read Full Article]


Gurgel, A., H. Chen, S. Paltsev and J. Reilly (2016).
The WSPC Reference on Natural Resources and Environmental Policy in the Era of Global Change: Volume 3: Computable General Equil, T. Bryant and A. Dinar (eds.), World Scientific (doi:10.1142/9789813208179_0003)

Joint Program Reprint, Journal Article
Reprint 2015-7

Octaviano, C., S. Paltsev and A.C. Gurgel (2015).
Energy Economics, 56, 600-614 (doi: 10.1016/j.eneco.2015.04.007) [Download]

Journal Article

Schmitz, C., H. van Meijl, P. Kyle, G.C. Nelson, S. Fujimori, A. Gurgel, P. Havlik, E. Heyhoe, D.M. d'Croz, A. Popp, R. Sands, A. Tabeau, D. van der Mensbrugghe, M. von Lampe, M. Wise, E. Blanc, T. Hasegawa, A. Kavallari and H. Valin (2014).
Agricultural Economics, 45(1): 69–84 [Read Full Article]

Joint Program Report
Report 210

Kicklighter, D. W., A. Gurgel, J. Mellilo, J. Reilly and S. Paltsev (2012).
Joint Program Report Series, 118 pages [Download]

Conference Proceedings Paper

Gurgel, A. and S. Paltsev (2012).
Conference Proceedings, Global Trade Analysis Project 15th Annual Conference on Global Economic Analysis (Geneva, Switzerland, June 27-29) [Read Full Article]

Joint Program Reprint, Journal Article
Reprint 2012-11

Reilly, J, J. Melillo, Y. Cai, D. Kicklighter, A. Gurgel, S. Paltsev, T. Cronin, A. Sokolov, A Schlosser (2012).
Environmental Science and Technology, 46(11): 5572-5679 [Download]

Joint Program Reprint, Journal Article
Reprint 2011-4

Gurgel, A.C., S. Paltsev, J. Reilly and G. Metcalf (2011).
Environment and Development Economics, 16: 155-176 [Read Full Article]

Conference Proceedings Paper

Reilly, J., A. Gurgel, T. Cronin, S. Paltsev, D. Kicklighter and J. Melillo (2011).
Global Trade Analysis Project (GTAP) Conference Paper, Presented at the 14th Annual Conference on Global Economic Analysis (Venice, Italy, June 16-18) [Read Full Article]

Joint Program Reprint, Journal Article
Reprint 2011-5

Gurgel, A., T. Cronin, J. Reilly, S. Paltsev, D. Kicklighter, and J. Melillo (2011).
American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 93(2): 342-348 [Read Full Article]

Joint Program Report
Report 168

Melillo, J.M., A.C. Gurgel, D.W. Kicklighter, J.M. Reilly, T.W. Cronin, B.S. Felzer, S. Paltsev, C.A. Schlosser, A.P. Sokolov and X. Wang (2009).
Joint Program Report Series, 28 pages [Download]