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Joint Program Reprint, Conference Proceedings Paper
Reprint 1998-4
Sokolov, A.P., and P.H. Stone (1997).
Eos Transactions, 78(46), Abstract A52B-02
Joint Program Report
Report 24
Wang, C., R.G. Prinn and A.P. Sokolov (1997).
Joint Program Report Series, 34 pages [Download]
Student Dissertation or Thesis
Lawson, K.E. (1997).
Master of Science Thesis, MIT Technology and Policy Program [Download]
Journal Article
Tatang, M.A., W. Pan, R.G. Prinn and G. McRae (1997).
J. of Geophysical Research, 102: 21,925-21,932 [Read Full Article]
Joint Program Report
Report 29
Choi, K.-H. (1997).
Joint Program Report Series, 26 pages [Download]
Joint Program Report
Report 27
Reiner, D.M., and H.D. Jacoby (1997).
Joint Program Report Series, 20 pages [Download]
Joint Program Reprint, Journal Article
Reprint 1997-1
Jacoby, H., R. Eckhaus, A.D. Ellerman, R. Prinn, D. Reiner and Z. Yang (1997).
Energy Journal, 18(3): 31-58 [Download]
Journal Article
Jacoby, H.D., R. Eckaus, A.D. Ellerman, R. Prinn, D. Reiner and Z. Yang (1997).
Energy Journal, 18(3): 31-58 [Read Full Article]
Journal Article
Eckaus, R.S., H.D. Jacoby, A.D. Ellerman, W-C. Leung and Z. Yang (1997).
Energy Conversion and Management, 38: S621-S627 [Read Full Article]
Journal Article
McGuire, A.D., J.M. Melillo, D.W. Kicklighter, Y. Pan, X. Xiao, et al. (1997).
Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 11: 173-189 [Read Full Article]
Conference Proceedings Paper
Deutch, J. (1997).
MIT Global Change Forum Papers, Forum Paper No. 1, MIT Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change, 3 p. [Download]
Conference Proceedings Paper
Prinn, R.G., H. Jacoby, A. Sokolov, C. Wang, Z. Yang, R. Eckaus, P. Stone, A.D. Ellerman, J. Fitzmaurice, G. Holian, Y. Liu, X. Xiao, J.M. Melillo and D. Kicklighter (1997).
Eos Transactions, 78(46), Abstract A51G-05
Joint Program Report
Report 25
Wang, C., and R.G. Prinn (1997).
Joint Program Report Series, 20 pages [Download]
Journal Article
Skolnikoff, E.B. (1997).
Toray Business Research, 7 (Nos. 8, 9)
Journal Article
Xiao, X., D.W. Kicklighter, J.M. Melillo, A.D. McGuire, P.H. Stone and A.P. Sokolov (1997).
Tellus B, 49: 18-37 [Read Full Article]