Publications: Asia & Australasia

Joint Program Reprint, Book/Chapter
Reprint 2009-6

Paltsev, S., and J. Reilly (2009).
From Growth to Convergence: Asia's Next Two Decades, F. Zhai (editor), Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 211-239

Joint Program Report
Report 152

Paltsev, S., and J. Reilly (2007).
Joint Program Report Series, 22 pages [Download]

Conference Proceedings Paper

Paltsev, S., and J. Reilly (2007).
Conference Proceedings, Conference on Energy and Environmental Modeling [Read Full Article]

Conference Proceedings Paper

Castanho, A.D., L.T. Molina, R.G. Prinn and P. Artaxo (2007).
Eos Transactions, AGU, 88(23), Jt. Assem. Suppl., abstract A43A-17 [Read Full Article]