Publications: North America

Joint Program Reprint, Journal Article
Reprint 2012-23

Gunturu, U.B and C.A. Schlosser (2012).
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 12: 9687-9702 [Download]

Conference Proceedings Paper

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Joint Program Report
Report 183

Chan, G., J.M. Reilly, S. Paltsev, and Y.-H. Chen (2010).
Joint Program Report Series, 27 pages [Download]

Journal Article

Balshi, M.S., A.D. McGuire, P. Duffy, M. Flannigan, D.W. Kicklighter and J. Melillo (2009).
Global Change Biology, 15(6): 1491-1510 [Read Full Article]

Student Dissertation or Thesis

Anderson, J.D. (2008).
Master of Science Thesis, Dept. of Aeronautics and Astronautics, MIT [Download]

Conference Proceedings Paper

Eltahir, E.A., and J.M. Winter (2008).
Eos Transactions AGU, 89(23), Joint Assembly Supplement, Abstract U41B-06

Conference Proceedings Paper

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Eos Transactions, AGU, 88(23), Jt. Assem. Suppl., abstract A43A-14 [Read Full Article]

Conference Proceedings Paper

Castanho, A.D., L.T. Molina, R.G. Prinn and P. Artaxo (2007).
Eos Transactions, AGU, 88(23), Jt. Assem. Suppl., abstract A43A-17 [Read Full Article]


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