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Fortune | Jan 23, 2019

MIT Joint Program Co-Director John Reilly recommends three guiding principles in Fortune


12:38 PM EST

Is the Green New Deal (GND) a liberal pipe dream, or is it an opening for an economically viable, bipartisan climate change solution?

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The Daily Beast | Jan 23, 2019

How hard did aging hit the oceans? MIT Joint Program Co-Director John Reilly comments in The Daily Beast

Audrey McNamara

01.22.19 5:22 AM ET

Unlike Reese Witherspoon, the Earth is not aging backwards.


As the #10yearchallenge sweeps social media—reminding us that side bangs are a part of our shared history—it seems more worthy to take stock of our planet’s...

Around Campus
MIT News | Jan 22, 2019

Moods expressed on social media tend to decline when air pollution gets worse, study finds

Helen Knight | MIT News correspondent  January 21, 2019

For many years, China has been struggling to tackle high pollution levels that are crippling its major cities. Indeed, a recent study by researchers at Chinese Hong Kong University has found that air pollution in the country causes...

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Joint Program Co-Director Ronald Prinn and former PhD student Jimmy Gasore recognized for initiating the project

Kigali, Monday- January 15, 2019:  The Minister of Education Dr. Eugene Mutimura officiated the ceremony to launch the first African Air Quality and Climate Laboratory equipped with the “Medusa system” that will measure more than 50 gases that lessen the ozone layer.

  The ozone layer is...

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Washington Post | Jan 11, 2019

Global emissions reached a record high, says MIT CEEPR Deputy Director Michael Mehling in the Washington Post

By Chris Mooney and

Brady Dennis

January 8

U.S. carbon dioxide emissions rose an estimated 3.4 percent in 2018, according to new research — a jarring increase that comes as scientists say the world needs to be aggressively cutting its emissions to avoid the...

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MIT News | Dec 20, 2018
Study finds chloroform emissions, on the rise in East Asia, could delay ozone recovery by up to eight years

Jennifer Chu | MIT News Office  December 20, 2018

Earlier this year, the United Nations announced some much-needed, positive news about the environment: The ozone layer, which shields the Earth from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet radiation, and which was severely depleted by decades of...

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France 24 | Dec 18, 2018

Joint Program Research Scientist Jennifer Morris interviewed on France 24

ASEAN Report Cover Photo.jpg
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Dec 18, 2018
Joint Program Deputy Director Sergey Paltsev and CEEPR Deputy Director Michael Mehling interviewed in MIT Energy Initiative podcasts during COP24 in Katowice, Poland

MIT Energy Initiative Communications Director Emily Dahl produced two podcasts during COP24 in Katowice, Poland:


Podcast: Climate policy paths for Latin American and Asian nations


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MIT News | Dec 14, 2018

At UN Climate Change Conference, MIT researchers share knowledge and tools to help nations meet Paris Agreement targets

Emily Dahl | MIT Energy Initiative  December 13, 2018

Emily Dahl of the MIT Energy Initiative filed this report from the 2018 U.N. Climate Change Conference in Katowice, Poland, which runs Dec. 3 - 14.

For the past two weeks, climate negotiations at the 2018 United Nations Climate...

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MIT News | Dec 13, 2018
Study projects dramatic increase in annual high-heat days in the U.S. Northeast by century’s end

Long-term assessment of likely regional and local climate impacts is critical to enabling municipalities, businesses and regional economies to prepare for potentially damaging and costly effects of climate change—from prolonged droughts to more frequent and intense extreme events such as major...