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MIT News | Jan 20, 2012
By: Vicki Ekstrom, Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change SOURCE: EPA Americans have long known the dangers of mercury in our environment, with doctors repeatedly warning pregnant women to remove fish from their daily diets. But despite this solid knowledge of the health impacts...
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MIT News | Jan 20, 2012
By: Leda Zimmerman, MIT Energy Initiative   As Assistant Professor of Engineering Systems at MIT, Jessika Trancik focuses her research on the evolution of technologies and on decomposing performance trajectories of energy systems. She is particularly interested in understanding the dynamics and...
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SOURCE: EPA Dr. Noelle Eckley Selin, an Assistant Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and a researcher in MIT’s Joint Program on Global Change, participated in a public availability session to discuss the Environmental Protection Agency’s recent Mercury and Air Toxics...
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National Geographic | Jan 18, 2012
By: Mason Inman, National Geographic News SOURCE: AP Shale gas has transformed the U.S. energy landscape in the past several years—but it may crowd out renewable energy and other ways of cutting greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, a new study warns. A...
MIT News | Jan 17, 2012
By Jennifer Chu, MIT News Office     SOURCE: NASA If you’re planning to build that dream beach house along the East Coast of the United States, or would like to relocate to the Caribbean, a new study by economists and climate scientists suggests you may want to reconsider. Researchers from MIT...
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MIT News | Jan 10, 2012
By: Vicki Ekstrom, Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change       Regional climate policies depend largely on fiscal strategies and can have spiraling effects throughout the globe, a new MIT report further proves in the January edition of the...
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MIT News | Jan 04, 2012
Automakers have made great strides in fuel efficiency in recent decades — but the mileage numbers of individual vehicles have barely increased. An MIT economist explains the conundrum. By: Peter Dizikes, MIT News Office Contrary to common perception, the major automakers have produced large...
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MIT News | Jan 03, 2012
By: Vicki Ekstrom, Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change       Shale gas — a resource that has grown significantly in just the last few years to one-quarter of the domestic gas supply — is cheaper and involves fewer emissions than traditional coal or oil. But recent...
Student Spotlight
Jan 02, 2012

“I wouldn’t have come to MIT if I wasn’t able to be on the China Project because it is a unique combination of this broad focus on technology and policy, but also a dedicated focus on China, which is pretty rare in this field,” Davidson says.

3 Questions
Jan 01, 2012

3 Questions with John Reilly


Q: What is the concept behind “green growth” and related ideas--are green growth policies effective?