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MIT News | Aug 20, 2008
Sloan's Sterman sees flawed reasoning at root of problem. Why is the general public not more concerned about the potential consequences of climate change? For many risks, such as the risk of a plane crash, the public is far more fearful than the evidence shows, observes John Sterman, the Jay W....
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MIT News | Jul 01, 2008
Says policy-making requires ambitious short-term goals. Long-term climate change policy in the United States and abroad is likely to change very slowly, warns an MIT professor who says the lack of future flexibility argues for stronger short-term goals to reduce carbon emissions.
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MIT ESD News | Jul 01, 2008
ESD Assistant Professor Mort David Webster has been named Principal Investigator of a $750,000 grant from the National Science Foundation's (NSF) Human and Social Dynamics Program. The grant's other investigators are Henry D. Jacoby, Co-Director of the MIT Joint Program on the Science and Policy of...
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MIT News | Jun 19, 2008
Lessons to be learned for U.S., globe. In a bid to control greenhouse gas emissions linked to climate change, the European Union has been operating the world's first system to limit and to trade carbon dioxide. Despite its hasty adoption and somewhat rocky beginning three years ago, the EU "cap-and...
May 02, 2008

Veerabhadran Ramanathan recaps 35 years of key findings, and brings his audience up to date on the latest climate data, models, and observations which together demonstrate how CO2 is but one piece of a complex puzzle.

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MIT News | Apr 28, 2008
Entekhabi to lead science team for NASA satellite mission Professor Dara Entekhabi will lead the science team designing a NASA satellite mission to collect global soil moisture measurements and other data seen as key to improving weather, flood and drought forecasts and predictions of agricultural...
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MIT News | Apr 17, 2008
Provides confirmation that climate change intensifies storms Hurricanes in some areas, including the North Atlantic, are likely to become more intense as a result of global warming even though the number of such storms worldwide may decline, according to a new study by MIT researchers.
Jan 29, 2008

Rajendra K. Pachauri leads fellow members of the Nobel Prize-winning IPCC in a remarkable public session of soul-searching. Now that the IPCC has helped make climate change a signal issue of our times, what next?

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A leader in documenting man-made climate change, MIT's Ronald Prinn has also made it his business to inform world leaders--and the public--about the risks of ignoring it.
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MIT News | Nov 13, 2007
U.S. greenhouse gas emissions could grow more quickly in the next 50 years than in the previous half-century, even with technological advances and current energy-saving efforts, according to a new study on The Implications of the Historical...