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New advisory panel to provide essential guidance on current climate data best practices and needs (Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs)



Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs Office of Climate Science (OCS)

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MIT Climate Portal | Jan 10, 2024

To know if bioenergy is truly a low-carbon resource, we must count emissions from growing, transporting, and processing the associated crops, check whether those crops were replanted, and add in any emissions from creating farmland to grow more of them. (MIT Climate Portal) 

Organic materials like corn, soybeans, or wood can be turned into energy, either by refining them to produce liquid “biofuels,” or by burning them for heat, which can then be used to produce electricity. 

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MIT Climate Portal | Dec 21, 2023

Temperatures will likely stop rising in a few years or decades—but it could take centuries for them to fall to the levels humans enjoyed before we started burning fossil fuels (MIT Climate Portal)

December 19, 2023

News Brief
Dec 10, 2023
Knowledge to action: Co-developing local solutions to the climate crisis

On December 9 in Dubai, MIT Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change Deputy Director/MIT Energy Initiative Senior Research Scientist Sergey Paltsev delivered a presentation as part of a panel for “Knowledge to Action: Co-developing Local Solutions to the Climate Crisis,” an...

The Hill | Dec 03, 2023

Co-authors say map presented in the Mandate is of 'a road to ruin' (The Hill)

Anyone watching the debates among the GOP presidential aspirants is likely in need of a reality check — especially when it comes to climate change. Why, with the relentless onslaught of disasters enhanced by human-caused global warming, is there no thoughtful discussion of policies to address...

News Brief
EPRI | Nov 30, 2023

IRA helps to bring projected U.S. power sector and economy-wide emissions closer to near-term climate targets (EPRI)

News Release
MIT News | Nov 29, 2023
2023 Global Change Outlook quantifies benefits of policies that cap global warming at 1.5°C

Read the 2023 Outlook  |  Read Key Findings  |  Download Data Tables

The Hill | Nov 28, 2023

A call for a concerted scientific effort to understand the risks posed by exceeding them (The Hill)

Hardly a day passes without a popular article describing the latest scientific study of rapid changes in Antarctic glaciers and ice shelves, or the latest research highlighting a possible slo

In The News
Deutsche Welle (DW) | Nov 25, 2023

Held up as the temperature limit that should not be crossed, 1.5 degrees Celsius is more than just a number. So what's behind it, and what happens if it is exceeded? (DW)


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