Focus Areas

Our independent analyses of the complex interactions among co-evolving systems aid decision-makers in confronting multiple, interwoven challenges.

Changes and risks to interconnected land, ocean, atmosphere and biosphere systems
Changes and risks to managed agriculture, water, land and energy systems
Physical and transition risk; adaptation and resilience to climate change and extreme events
National and global projections of the future energy mix; prospects for different sectors and technologies
Environmental and economic change under different climate, air pollution, and economic policies
Science and policy studies at subnational, national and multinational levels
Potential tipping points and transition states of Earth and human systems

Research Tools

Our state-of-the-art models and analytical methods project global and regional changes and potential risks under different policy scenarios.​

Simulates the interplay between Earth and human systems

Simulates physical, dynamical and chemical processes in the atmosphere, land, ocean and cryosphere

Simulates the evolution of economic, demographic, trade and technological processes

Analytical methods to quantify uncertainty at global and regional scales

Our Greenhouse Gamble Wheels

Joint Program News

New MIT study shows adverse impacts of burning ammonia in ship engines
News Release

Ammonia could be a nearly carbon-free maritime fuel, but without new emissions regulations, its impact on air quality could significantly impact human health (MIT News)

The 1.5 degrees Celsius threshold is seen as a line of defense against climate change’s most severe and irreversible effects
In The News

New data shows global temperatures breached the crucial 1.5 degrees Celsius threshold for 12 months in a row. What does this sustained heat mean for tackling climate change? (DW)

An upcoming MIT Joint Program study will identify challenges and opportunities for decarbonizing aviation in Latin America
In The News

Upcoming MIT Joint Program study aims to provide a comprehensive analysis of sustainable aviation fuel deployment scenarios up to 2050 (LatinAmerican Post)

Global Changes - Spring 2024 Newsletter
News Release
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