GCF X: Burden Sharing Under the Climate Convention

June 12, 1996, 12:00am - June 14, 1996, 11:45pm

*Held in collaboration with the Climate Forum of the Norwegian Center for International Climate and Energy Research (CICERO)

SESSIONS: Recent Assessments of Climate Change: "Fingerprints" and Forecasts; Joint Implementation: Definition; Analysis, and Implementation; Common Policies and Measures: Leading Proposals, Analysis of Effectiveness, and Distribution of Burdens; Mulit-Gas Control Proposals: Analysis and Implementation; The Interaction of Local Pollution Control and Global Emissions Policies; The Development, Transfer, and Diffusion of Improved Technical Options; Targets, Common Measures, and Burden Sharing: The "Architecture" of Policy Emerging in the Ad-Hoc Group on the Berlin Mandate

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