To Extremes Art Exhibition

April 23, 2012, 7:00pm

An exhibition of proposed artworks, To Extremes sought ideas last year for public art projects on climate from 50 invited artists and designers. To inform their work, artists and designers referred to nine dossiers on various themes covered in a major science report on climate and extreme events released in November 2011. In February a jury of experts in the visual arts and climate sciences selected the winners and proposals that would make up the exhibition, which is part of the Cambridge Science Festival. 

Please RSVP here for the April 23 reception, where winner Sam Jury will present her proposal for a video installation. 

Along with a proposal by Ms. Jury, the exhibition includes runner up Dan Borelli and the following artists and designers: Andrea Frank -- Kalman Gacs -- Sam Jacobson, Irina Chernyakova, Nicole Goehring -- Bradford Johnson --Marcus Owens and Jack Becker -- Evelyn Rydz -- Gina Siepel.